We're having another….

So, I was going through the fabric bin, trying to decide what to use, and I saw the fabric I used to recover the carseat for boy #2. It had stripes, there were tons of polka dots, I think some bears and elephants, and way too many primary colors. Seems right. And then I realized… I had to use that fabric for the baby’s outfit. It screams boy.

So…Guess what. No really. Guess.

We’re having yet another…….


No, I’m kidding.

It’s a Girl!


Baby #4 is a girl!!!
More bows, glitter and Disney Princesses in our future!
So I had to add the biggest, brightest bow I could possibly make to celebrate this.


And she needed a feather hair clip…


And she needs custom tags.


Yeah, she’s going to be spoiled.

The poor ultrasound tech. “Shut up! You’re joking. Are you serious? No way.” I made him “double-check” like 10 times. I was in total shock. He finally got a really good view, and I stopped asking. He was laughing at me though. This little princess was being super modest, could you blame me? He also double-checked everything else, and I’m having an uneventful pregnancy.  Yay! Not high-risk this time and she’s super healthy and doing well. She has the potential to be my biggest one yet, hah…ahhhh.

Yeah, I thought for sure it was a boy. I was wrong. Oh well, 3 out of 4 ain’t bad.

I’m happy.

We love the name. It suits her.

Two boys, two girls. In that order. Cool.

I was always a little sad my little one wouldn’t have a sister to play with and annoy. But now she does! A brother and sister for everyone…they have no idea how lucky they are. Totally living the dream.

It was fun keeping it a secret. Even for a short while.

I wouldn’t mind keeping it longer, but I like talking to her now and I keep saying her name quietly, so it’s just easier to tell everyone before you hear me mutter things.

But I needed that time to adjust to the idea. To keep it to myself and keep it special.

And we solidified a first and middle name. It was also nice not having anyone tell us what name to use or not use, how perfect the order was, how equal the numbers will be…blah blah blah…yeah. I figured, if everyone was distracted by not knowing, then they couldn’t bug me about everything else. And you know what, I was right. No one asked names or themes or suggested colors…or anything. Dang, that was nice. They just tried to weasle the gender out of us and family they thought knew…haha. Right. Even my doctor won’t tell anyone that goes to my appointments with me…I should probably tell her it’s okay now.

But I’m exploding with ideas and projects, so I can’t wait anymore! I feel the need to spam my facebook wall and blog with all the little things I’m making. Hah.

So yes. It is 100% a girl. No joke.

After all the ultrasounds I needed with the other kiddos, I’m totally confident in the tech’s prediction. Total shock, but total confidence. There’s no way it’s a boy, that’s for sure.

Awww, and we’re getting so excited for our baby girl. And I finally get to say “baby girl”. 🙂

My little baby Scarlett. Mommy loves you and wouldn’t change a thing. 😀

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