We had a stork visit…

Soooo I wasn’t due for another week, but little one decided to arrive a few weeks early and just skip that whole last month. Which means I’ve been adjusting to life with a newborn, again. Luckily, it’s not as hard this time around since I’ve done it a few times before this. But it’s definitely an adjustment, since all the kids are home for the summer. 🙂

I’m finishing up a knit project that I’m really excited to share with you. Oh, it’s so pretty you’re going to love it! 🙂 I had planned on the project being done by now, but early labor sort of put a crimp in those plans.

Thanks for all the well wishes and love! I haven’t stopped hugging that baby since we got home. I even made a new mei tai for him. It took me a week…I don’t think I’ve ever spent a week on a project, other than wedding dresses. Oh, signs that all these kids are finally catching up to me.

But for once, I think I’m doing this whole post-baby recovery thing right. They always say “Sleep when the baby sleeps”, and for once I actually nap if I’m tired! I’m not trying to be supermom, so I’m a lot easier on myself and have really lightened up around the house. It’s been a very low-stress environment since I got home from the hospital. The kids are helping out, hubs is helping out, and I’m just appreciating all the help. I’ve also learned to just accept help from friends and family that offer it. I’m pretty independent and don’t feel like I need help, but hubby said “just because you can do everything, doesn’t mean you have to do everything”. Boom, mind blown. He’s right. So I’ve started letting people help out. And you know what… it’s nice! 🙂 So yes, “never turn down help”.

I’ve also discovered my wardrobe is really lacking in the baby-friendly department. I think I donated all my nursing friendly shirts last year. Ahhh, kinda dumb. So I’m currently dreaming up some cute designs to solve that problem. Dude, why is it that all the cute ready-to-wear shirts that fit that bill cost an arm and a freaking leg? And why are all the cheap ones the exact same? There really needs to be some middle ground.

Oh and I’m also dreaming up back to school clothes for the kiddos already, and my done-having-babies wardrobe. I think I’m the most excited about that. 🙂

Which totally reminds me, I’m also taking my recovery super slow. My abs packed a weekender bag years ago, left on a trip, and haven’t been seen around here for years. So once they decide to meet in the middle again I’ll start whipping them into shape for ditching me all those years ago. It took my kids a few weeks to realize there wasn’t a baby still in there, and it’s starting to shrink down again. I let them see my tummy (partly because it itches like crazy right now), because I want them to know what real bodies look like, and they don’t have to be ashamed if they don’t fit the “fashion” mold. Everyone comes in different shapes, sizes, and colors…there is no right or wrong to looks.

And as ladies, we need to love our bodies. I wouldn’t trade any stretch marks, any muffin-top, any herniated belly button, or the week of contractions after delivery for my flat stomach, old hourglass figure, innie belly button, or my pre-mommy days. My house is filled with a tiny army I created, and I love them to pieces. I think it’s worth everything I’ve gone through and I’m not ashamed of the body changes. 🙂

Life is all about going with the flow and handling the challenges that pop up. That lesson has really hit me hard in the past few months. And awesome things are happening around here.

Thanks for your patience! 😉


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