Valentine’s paint chip bookmarks

Valentine’s Paint chip Bookmarks!

That’s what you get when you have a bunch of paint samples laying around and a holiday coming up. And I have a free coupon for a mini bucket of paint, my perk for popping out a baby…so I was comparing ALL the pink samples.

Yeah, I’m going with that excuse…that’s why I have all these samples. I didn’t just grab a bunch at the local hardware store and think “bookmarks!” to myself. I mean…who does that. 😉

So, you can make these with your leftover paint chip samples! Wink wink.

What you’ll need:
Paint chip samples
Cardstock to match your samples
Heart shaped punch
Scissors/paper cutter
Acid-free glue
(Optional) ribbon


First, cut off the side with the color names. (I actually used one of those for my bookmark because the names were as pretty as the colors.)

Good, now cut each bookmark about an inch wide. I got two bookmarks from one paint chip sample.


Next, use your little hole punch to cut out hearts. (Oh, I’m in love with these purples!)

Slap a little glue on the back, put them on coordinating cardstock. (That hides the back with the barcodes.) And cut around the edge.

That’s it! Now write a little note on back and share the love.


If you want, you can repunch that top heart and thread some ribbon through it. Personally, I don’t care for ribbons on my bookmarks. I like them flat, simple and boring, so I didn’t bother adding any to mine.

Now go and make everyone wonder why there are no red and pink samples in the paint department. 😉

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

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