How to Use Your Wanderlust To Find Inspiration

Wondering how to find inspiration? Feeling a little bit of wanderlust?

Good! Get out and explore! There is inspiration all around you, just open your eyes and look.

This activity is totally FREE and doesn’t cost anything. Grab your sketch pad, a pencil and your phone to help capture your inspiration! Inspiration is all around you, and you’re going to do some walking to find it. So throw on your favorite walking shoes and let’s go.

If you live by the ocean, go people watching.

Not in a creepy way, but just sit and notice people walking by.

You’ll see a lot of different subcultures and interpretations of fashion. Try to pick out items that you like and maybe blend a few subcultures together. I’ve seen punk rock blended with tutus and ballerinas. Try to make your own combination. Fashion is all about reinventing.

 If you live by the mountains, go for a hike.

Be inspired by nature. Observe the critters, notice the sights and sounds all around you. Memorize all the different textures, from the striated bark on trees, to the multifaceted rocks, and the fluffy moss. Nature is filled with inspiration. Look at it differently than you normally do and you’ll start to find inspiration in it.



If you live in the city, go into town!

Start looking at the old buildings, the gargoyles, the finials and flourishes on the buildings. Look at the stained glass on old churches, and the flowers in front. Compare the different textures of the cobblestones, bricks and iron wrought railings. Look at the limestone, the marble, the old sculptures and new fountains. Walk into the lobby of old hotels and look at the architecture inside. Notice that sometimes architecture tries to mimic nature and bring those elements inside.

 If you live out in the country, go for a little drive and then go on a hike.

You’ll see fluffy sheep with eggshell wool, and majestic hawks and falcons in the sky as they soar above. How can you incorporate feathers into your designs? Can you add some texture or knits too? We take our kids pumpkin picking and apple picking during those seasons and it’s fun to see the different hues of pumpkins and different colors of apples. The country has a lot to offer if you just go for a walk and notice what it’s made of.

 Now that you’ve started to look at your surroundings with a different perspective, it’s time to go out and really absorb all the inspiration these places have to offer. Pack a snack/lunch, some parking money and maybe some money for admission. Also bring your sketchbook and pencils.

I share more tips and my exact favorite places to find inspiration in my course Fashion Design Bootcamp. My Hive members (free exclusive club with perks) will know about the course and book releases first. If you’re interested in more tips, join us! We would love to have you!

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