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I love wearing my hair up, but I’m always losing those elastic ponytail holders that you can buy in bulk. Which is why I love these even more. Quick and easy to make (and cheap)! It’s faster to make one than to hunt one down.

First gather your supplies:
1 yd- fold over elastic (FOE) any color
Tape measure or ruler

I went a little crazy and got 3 yds of each color. But I have plans for the extra left over, and I found FOE for 3yds=$1. That never happens! Shhh.

Buy extra if you want…I have another tutorial coming soon and you’ll want to make it. 😉

Okay, decide if you want ponytail holders or pigtail holders. For pigtails, you’ll cut two elastic pieces. (Pigtails are shown above the ponytail holder). Psst…One yard will make 3 ponytail holders.

Cut your elastic to 6 1/2 inches for pigtails, or 12 inches for ponytails.

With shiny side out, tie a tight knot on the end of the elastic. Cut off the frayed edges. Taa-dah! You’re done.

Put it in your hair and go reward yourself with some ice cream and a girl’s night out. 😉

Of course you’ll make a bunch for your girlies too.

***Yes, you can heat the edges of the elastic or use that special fray edge glue stuff…but I’ve worn mine a bunch of times and have zero fraying without doing anything to it. So, why create an extra step for yourself?

***For a pretty presentation, cut a 4×3 1/2 inch piece of chipboard and put your elastics on it. You can find chipboard close to scrapbooking paper. Cardboard works too.

Makes a cute little gift, stocking stuffer or any day surprise! Have fun and share the joy. 🙂

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