Tutorial- Nest Necklaces


Awww, look how pretty! Little nests. The little eggs show how many kiddos you have in your “nest”. Or cats…or friends…you get the idea. It’s easy to cram 4 in there, but I’m not brave enough to try 7 or 8. If anyone ends up making one with that many, please post a picture. I would love to see how it looks!

To get started, you’ll need:

20 or 24 gauge silver wire
Faux pearls or beads that fit on the wire
Jump rings
Silver chain to wear it on
(All of this can be found at Michaels, Joanns, Hobby Lobby and maybe Walmart…so save those coupons!)

First step: String the number of “eggs” you want on the wire. Give a little twist since you don’t want them wandering off.


Second: Roll the wire around about 20 turns. At that point I had used about a yard of wire (the little tape was helping me keep track. You don’t need it, I was just morbidly curious how much wire I was wasting). Don’t add tape. 😉


Third: Wrap loops around the nest and in between the eggs, to help tack the eggs down. The number of eggs helps you decide on the number of wraps. I wrapped it 3 times in 4 sections for this nest. Three or four sections is good.


Fourth: You have two choices…fasten off the wire and add a little jump ring for the necklace to go through OR use the wire to make a little loop for the necklace. (It was late at night, so I went with the wire method…but it was a pain.) Either way, hide the wire in the back.


Last step: Try it on! Seriously. The best way to make sure it won’t poke you or someone is to try it on. I found a loose wire and had to bend it back in. Taa-dah!

Admire your work! You made one! Keep it for yourself,  give to to your girl friend or make enough for your mom, his mom, your mail lady, teachers, workers, etc. Share the cuteness!


*Shown on a 18″ chain.

No need to thank me. I know, it’s pretty dang awesome. Hope you enjoyed this free tutorial!

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