Trends for 2019 and Tips to Apply Them

top trends for 2019

I know we have a few months left of 2018, but for those of you fashion forward ones (and if you’re following Golden Rippy, you’re clued in), here’s the trends coming next year. Read down below for the biggest trends of 2019. These aren’t just fashion trends, but as you know, everything including current events affects fashion. Go ahead, see your future below. And find out which trends to embrace, and which ones to run away from.

meatless entree

Vegan Meat

That’s right. High Street restaturants are already offering more meatless alternatives, but get ready for them to start hitting mainstream. With the new food options for dairy-free, gluten-free, Non GMO, etc allergies, we shouldn’t be surprised with the new options for meatless food. They’ll try really hard to taste just as good as the meat versions, so you’ll have more meatless options next year!

Tip to apply this: Not ready to go full vegan? That’s okay, try a few days a week to go meatless. I’ve been practicing that for the last year and we’ve all been enjoying the benefits from it. We’ve added more vegetables to our diet, and loaded up on legumes instead.

family hiking

Hiking is the New Yoga

Think about it. It’s highly instagrammable. More people will be trading their yoga mats for hiking boots. As the trend towards more outdoor activities continues, more fitness buffs will turn to the mountains and trails. Hiking is the perfect cardio and gives your brain a nice break from all the electronics and hum of the world.

Tip to apply this: When you buy a new pair of hiking boots, try them on with the thick socks you plan on wearing. Don’t get boots too tight or too loose. Always let someone know where you will be hiking and how long you will be. Stock up on water, and heck, take a friend with you. Stick to the trails if you’re just starting out. This will be one of the fun trends for 2019.

black cookware

Matte Black

Ready to drop millennial pink and rose gold like it’s hot? Good news. Black is the new rose gold. That’s right. Bold black statement pieces will start popping up in the stores next year.  Wait for it. You’ll see black dinner plates, cutlery, etc. Both interior and exterior pieces. I’m really excited for this trend. Our wedding plates and bowls were black. We always got compliments on them. I promise you will too. Embrace this trend.

Tip to apply this: Want to get a jump on this trend before your friends? Grab some black spray paint and go to town on your candlesticks, vases, bookends and flower pots. Boom! You just updated your house for next year. See, that wasn’t too hard.

transseasonal clothes


I love this. More and more people have been embracing the idea of a capsule wardrobe. This is just the next step. You’ll start seeing more options for multiseasonal clothes. Love that “winter” jacket but don’t think you cam pull it off for spring? That’s not an issue anymore. Clothes will be able to transition into many seasons. Wear your favorite sweater any time of year. Transseasonal clothes will take up less space in your wardrobe. Perfect for those of you that travel a lot.

Tip to apply this: This is going to be a lot easier than you think. Look for more neutral and classic colors for multiseasonal pieces. Think black, white, gray, cream, etc for jackets, pants and timeless shirts. You can sprinkle in different colors and wardrobe pieces for each different season instead.

Casual Formal

With relaxed dress codes at work, and more work/home clothing options, formal wear is taking a hit. Watch for over-sized blazers to be paired with street wear and passed off as formal wear. That’s right. It’s trying to be edgy and more youthful. So over-sized suit jackets with jeans.

Sorry, normally I try to be objective… but I’m going to hate this trend. Skip it. My tip for this… seriously skip it. Guys, no matter the year, you look awesome in a tailored suit. If you need help finding a tailored suit, I volunteer. That’s literally part of my job.

Tip to apply this: If you want to wear a jacket with pants… go ahead. But heavens, please don’t show up to a wedding like that. Just, don’t.

vegan jacket

Animal Substitutes

This top trend of 2019 that will make PETA happy. You’ll see more animal-free clothing options, including worm-free silk. Vegan leather is going to be all the rage. I’m going to give a little shout-out to Game Of Thrones for this trend. While they did use some real fur for a lot of the costumes, the costume that used the most (Danys winter coat) was actually made with fake fur. Look at them being animal friendly for that jacket. Way to go you guys.

Tip to apply this: Find a nice vegan leather bomber jacket in white or cream. It will also double as a transseasonal piece and you can mark off two trends at the same time. Also, by the end of the year when the last season of GOT comes out, white jackets will be super HOT. Snag this trend early enough and you’ll be one of the first influencers with it.

gladiator sandals

Statement Gladiator

Heck yasssss. I may be an 80s baby, but I grew up in the 90s. And I’ve been waiting patiently while all the stupid 90s trends have been passing back into fashion. It’s about time the gladiator sandal had it’s heyday again. Jump on this so hard. It’s going to be amazing. Knee-high and over the knee gladiator sandals will be so HOT next year.

Tip to apply this: You can hop on this trend when they first pop in the stores, or do like I’m going to do. I’m going to wait a few weeks, maybe even a month or two and find the PERFECT pair of gladiators for me. They should fit your calves and be comfortable when you walk. A good pair will last you through spring and all summer. Yep. They’ll also go on sale as more options become available.

beauty pills

Beauty on the Inside

You know how they say beauty is only skin deep? Well, what if it wasn’t? Sweden knows what’s up. Pills that you can use in addition to serums for the outside of you will start becoming one of the more mainstream trends in 2019.  Wait for the rest of the world to jump on and start embracing the idea that we can heal our bodies from the inside out.  There will be more options for us to target what is ailing us.

Tip to apply this: Honestly, just wait and be patient. As more options become available you’ll be able to read the reviews and compare side effects. These should be used with a well-balanced diet and exercise to get the most benefits. But if you’re already trying the hiking and meatless options above, this will fit right in line with your new lifestyle.

What are your thoughts on the trends for 2019?

I gotta ask. What has you excited and what has you cringing a little bit for next year? You know my thoughts. 😉 I want to hear what you think!

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