Top 10 Books to Complete your Sewing Library

Top Ten Books Every Seamstress Needs to Have in Her Library

There are hundreds of sewing books out there. And I wish I could own every single one. But I have curated the top 10 books every seamstress should have to round out her sewing library! These books include basic techniques you can refer back to from time to time and fun projects you can make at a moment’s notice. Perfect for beginners and seasoned sewers. Add these books to your library so you’ll be more than ready when you need to make something for a baby shower, graduation present, bridal shower, birthdays, Christmas presents and much more!

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  1. The Sewing Book: An Encyclopedic Resource of Step-by-Step Techniques

    THE SEWING BOOK includes 25 home decor and clothing projects to get you started in your sewing endeavors. But what I really love about it is the visual dictionary of all the little notions and supplies you’ll use in sewing. This will be a book you’ll reference a lot in your sewing career.

  2. First Time Sewing: The Absolute Beginner’s Guide: Learn By Doing – Step-by-Step Basics and Easy Projects 

    FIRST TIME SEWING takes you by the hand and teaches you the techniques you need to sew your first 5 projects. Pretty soon you’ll be sewing pants,

    shirt, and pillows all by yourself! Great for teaching your friends and family the basics too! Don’t worry about being a beginner, everyone has to start somewhere, even Christian Dior, Coco Chanel, and Zac Posen started off as beginners!

  3. The Sewing Machine Accessory Bible: Get the Most Out of Your Machine—From Using Basic Feet to Mastering Specialty Feet 

    You know when you buy a new sewing machine and there’s a little baggy filled with all those strange little-shaped bits of plastic and metal? Well it’s time to put all those extra feet and sewing accessories to good use! This Sewing Machine Accessory Bible will show you what they’re fully capable of! 

  4. The Serger’s Technique Bible: The Complete Guide to Serging and Decorative Stitching

    When I graduated high school my parents bought me my first serger (and I still use that same one TODAY!). I memorized that manual and fixed it more times than I can remember (note to self, don’t try serging more than 4 layers of denim). I was also the person everyone would run to in college if they needed the class sergers rethreaded or unjammed. Your serger is only as useful as the reference book you have. Add this book to your library and learn some fun new techniques that it is capable of! It’s a bestseller for books about serging.

  5. Sewing Happiness: A Year of Simple Projects for Living Well 

    Now that you have the basics, are you itching to get some real fun sewing in? Try SEWING HAPPINESS with 20 simple projects to help you live well and relax.

  6. See Kate Sew: 24 Learn-to-Sew Projects You Can Make in an Hour 

    From one of our favorite sewing bloggers, See Kate Sew, check out her pretty sewing book! Two dozen simple projects you can make in 60 minutes or less! Perfect for quick adorable gifts! And best of all, no experience needed! She’ll walk you through the techniques you need to make them. Yaasssss!

  7. Sew Caroline Weekend Style: 15 Easy-Sew Patterns for the Must-Have Weekend Wardrobe 

    Another one of my favorite sewing bloggers, and a totally sweet designer to work with, check out Sew Caroline’s weekend style book. It includes 15 easy-to-sew projects for your cute flirty weekend wardrobe. Pick a copy for your library!

  8. Oliver + S Little Things to Sew: 20 Classic Accessories and Toys for Children 

    But Rachel, I don’t have any kids/my kids are all grown up/etc. So the funny thing about kids…they’re always around. Whether it’s new grandbabies, nieces, nephews, your bestie is having a little bundle or you’re expecting twins, babies have a funny way of popping up in our lives. And you’ll be soooo happy to have a cute little book with fun projects to make for them. Seriously, sewing for kids is way more fun than adults! Their projects take like 1/4 of the time it takes to make something for yourself. If you’ve ever used 3-4 yards to make a dress for yourself, you’ll be surprised to know you can make like 1 fancy girl dresses or two plain dresses with just 1 yard. I use my leftover fabric from my projects to make matching shirts or skirts for my girls. I love Oliver+S patterns!

  9. The Complete Photo Guide to Perfect Fitting 

    Back in college, I had an entire class devoted to just Advanced Tailoring and Dressmaking techniques. It was one of my top two favorite classes because it was all the nitty and gritty you need to get an immaculate fit for yourself and your clients. It was really FUN…but it was a five-hour night class.

    Now I have to tailor my patterns to fit my wide mommy hips (thank you, kids)

    First, you need to think of paper patterns like blocks…unless they were drafted for your EXACT measurements they won’t fit perfectly. Just assume you’ll need to tweak it to fit YOUR body.  So if you’re like me and ready-made patterns need to be tweaked, skip the semester long class and just pick up a copy of this instead. They’ll walk you through how to get a good fit. 🙂

  10. Sewing to Sell – The Beginner’s Guide to Starting a Craft Business: Bonus – 16 Starter Projects • How to Sell Locally & Online 

    Once you feel confident in your sewing and people start getting wind of your sewing abilities, the requests will start to roll in. It’s magic. Pick up a copy of SEWING TO SELL to help you prep for your Etsy shop, craft fairs, and donations for fundraisers. This includes 16 projects that will help you launch your sewing business!

And I’m throwing in a bonus book you’ll totally want to add to your library….

One-Yard Wonders: 101 Sewing Projects; Look How Much You Can Make with Just One Yard of Fabric!


YESSSS! One-Yard Wonders is perfect for all those gorgeous fabrics you come across but can only afford one yard of it…you know what I’m talking about. This is chock-full of projects for EVERYONE, fur babies included. I also have the 101 one skein knit projects with sock yarn…I’m knitting my way through that.

There ya go, eleven fabulous sewing books that are pretty useful to add to your library.

Click on the pic of the book you want to learn more about, it will take you to the page with reviews and pricing info.

Which of these books do you own? Did I forget any good ones for beginners? Comment below!

Happy Sewing!




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