The 18 Best Places to Buy Fabric


 The 18 Best Places to Buy Fabric:

When I was growing up my mom would take me to JoAnns. There were three in our South Bay and we drove around to them whenever we needed craft supplies or fabric. And then I started needing more specialized fabric, so I hit up the Fabric Emporium (it’s like Diagon Alley, unless you knew where to find it, you would pass it like 20 times a day). I also fell in love with the Cotton Shop because they had all those brand names I was always looking for, Michael Miller, Amy Butler, Heather Ross…oh my gosh, yes I loved that store. Sadly, both of those shops have gone out of business since before I moved. But the ones below are still going strong! Yay! Here are the places to buy fabric that fashion designers don’t want you to know about.

These are the shops you can shop in your jam-jams….and not be judged when you do. They’re all online! Woo-hoo!

Some of these are also store-fronts so if you want to go and touch the fabric (and smell it, like me, if you’re a weirdo too), you can.

Michael Levine’s

My top pick. I bought all my fabric for my final collection here, got the wedding tulle and peau de soie for my wedding dress, found the lace for my sister-in-law’s wedding dress…basically it’s my go-to when I know exactly what I need. I can find it here. Any color you want, any fabric you could possibly want. It’s here. Michael Levine’s is huge. If you’re ever in Los Angeles, bring an empty suitcase and have a fabric budget. This place is amazing. Notions and buttons galore.

And if you need upholstery fabric, they have a second store across the street. Michael Levine’s is huge. If you’re ever in Los Angeles, bring an empty suitcase and have a fabric budget. This place is amazing. Notions and buttons galore.


Craftsy is really picky about what they keep in their online shop. And I have been 100% thrilled with all the fabric I’ve bought from them. Each cut of fabric comes wrapped in its own plastic sleeve with the yardage stickered on the bag. It’s like, they know how to make my inner organizational diva happy. You can get tons of pretty fabric, download patterns immediately and

You can get tons of pretty fabric, you can download patterns immediately and you can even watch classes while you wait for your big box of fabric to arrive.

Their fabric is perfect for quilting and sewing clothes.

Fabric Worm

It feels like a quilting shop, but they carry so much beautiful fabric. I like to stash up on their fat quarters for my quilts. They actually curate special packs just for their store. Ooo, stock up if you see something you like!

I’m also in love with their organic cotton knits. They’re a dream to sew and wear, and get softer with each wash.

And they’re customer service is amazing. The girls that worked me were so sweet. 🙂

Girl Charlee

They’re a fan favorite of everyone in the facebook sewing groups. And for good reason! They’re prints are current with the trends, and they design their own fabric. You can also get mixed lots and grab bags which are perfect for accent pieces and baby headbands. I’ve used mini cuts of their fabric to whip up quick skirts for myself and my girls.

If you like pre-shrunk fabric, you can buy their BOLT line which is ready to sew. Cute prints on those too.

Half of my fabric stash is from Girl Charlee.

Mood Fabrics

If fabric stores were children, this would be your child that became a doctor. You’re so proud of it. And anytime you walk by, you smile.

I LOVE Mood. My wallet sadly doesn’t. But I did take my girls there when we were in Los Angeles (they have one in New York too). Everything is so perfect. Seriously, just perfect. They’re also the stores shown on Project Runway.

This is the store that you walk the aisles touching ALL the fabric. Burnout velvet, sequins and embroidery, handmade lace…ALL THE NOTIONS AND ZIPPERS. Real fur pelts.

Dang. Like, I want to wear the whole store.

If you need something fancy, start here. You will LOOK like a million bucks. Of course, it might cost a couple hundred bucks, but so worth it. 😉

JoAnn Fabrics

This is my go-to when I have a quick deadline and need fabric NOW. I run to my local shop and buy it all. You can’t put a price on convenience.

I’ve made tons of quilts, costumes, baby clothes, bedding and even reupholstered couches (special-ordered fabric) with fabric from Joanns.

I will say that their selection is incredible for being a chain-store. All the specialty fabrics are spot-on and I’m loving the new “trendy” fabrics that they’re coming out with.

With a name like you expect them to be the end all of fabric. And yep, they pretty much are.

They have every kind of fabric you could be hoping for. Satins, knits, chiffons, heavy-weight, denim…you name it.

Looking for stripes? Search and it will pop up a bunch of options. This place is great when you know what you want. They usually have it.

Hobby Lobby

They’re a massive craft store, with a section of fabric. But I LOVE their pre-ruched fabrics. I’ve bought those and turned them into quick dresses for my girls. They also had like several hundred ribbons, so I could match them to everything I needed. I was super impressed with their ribbon selection.

I actually don’t buy much from here anymore since it’s so far away from me, but it’s great for those just starting out. They have all the little notions that beginners need.


Yes, they sell fabric! Ahhh!! They sell really wide fabric and really unique stuff too. I have a bit of their coloring page twill fabric. I also covered our dinner bench in their photorealistic faux wood vinyl. It looks SO REAL.

They have fun quirky prints and some really nice fabric you didn’t know you needed. CHECK THEM OUT! Yes, it’s all in caps. You need to see their fabric. I hope they make a lot more.

Who knew? Ikea sells cool fabric! Share on X

Denver Fabrics

Think…if Joanns and Michal Levine’s had a baby, this would be it.

EVERYTHING you could want for fabrics, minus the craft section that smells like cinnamon.

I can’t even explain how awesome it is, you just need to see for yourself.


You can find a lot of original designs on Spoonflower. It’s like a fabric platform for independent designers to show off their designs and if you like something you can order it in whatever yardage and fabric you need. Buy a swatch kit so you know what the fabric feels like. I found some really nice fabrics that I didn’t even think of until I got their swatch kit.

Organic Cotton Plus

They became the first fabric retailer in the U.S. to be fully GOTS-certified, all the way up to packing in their warehouse. They work with a cottom farm to set aside organic cotton bales that can be turned into yarn and fabric. So you get 100% organic and eco-friendly fabric!

They have great modern prints, bold colorways and fun things for babies. If you’re looking for a rainbow of colors, this is your shop!

Hawthorne Fabrics

Great range of designer fabrics. You can also sign up to be notified when the new fabric you like is released! Great for those who like to have the newest and hottest prints.

While writing this post, I just noticed a few more fabrics I’m excited to see come out next month. Check them out!

Raspberry Creek Fabrics

They have small batch, custom designer fabrics.

If you don’t want to run into someone wearing the same outfit as you, buy some of their fabric and I guarantee whatever you sew you won’t see someone wearing the EXACT same thing as you in your city. I love all their prints and colorways. They make you feel pretty and feminine. Just really cute stuff.

The Cloth Pocket

They have so many gorgeous kinds of fabric. Including all the name brands that you love.

And then when you want to buy fabric without your family realizing you’re buying fabric…check out Facebook.

The Fabric Cobbler

Ahhh, I love Scarlett! She’s the Fabric Cobbler, in case you’re wondering. She works hard behind the scenes to bring exclusive, hard to find prints and licensed fabric to the group. All those amazing Marader Maps and Harry Potter prints you see, she got those. Those super gorgeous Beauty and the Beast stainglass prints, yep, that’s her.

Scarlett is a legend. Her attention to her customers is amazing and she’s just so fun to work with. THE best fabric group on facebook…there I said it.


This place has the custom, you can’t find anywhere else prints that chicks will pay $50 a yard for when it’s sold out. You can hop on and pre-order the prints you know you want, and find fabrics your kids and family actually want to be seen wearing. They’re kinda a big deal in the sewing community. Yassss. KNITorious has a cult following for a good reason.

Pop in to see their highly coveted Star Wars prints.


They have custom designs on cotton lycra, french terry and minky. For those of you who want to SEW ALL THE LEGGINGS, this is the place for you. You can also get inspired by their photo section which shows how others have used thier fabric. It’s pretty dang cool if you ask me.

Check out their special Haunted Mansion prints. I want them all.

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Well, there you go my lovelies.

I hope you found some new places to check out. Let me know if you think I missed any.

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Happy sewing!

xx, Rachel

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