Summer of games

School ended last week and I find myself with 4 kids. Ahhhh, where did they come from? 😉

My free time is spent policing disputes…stolen pokemon cards, the wrong character in Lego Marvel, and who gets the special straw for their sippy cup. Oi vey.

That was Day One of “summer vacation”. I plan on tons of time at the park and letting them chase around our dogs. Anyone have any good ideas to keep various ages busy?

I also need to make sure the oldest one doesn’t fall behind in math, writing and reading. I tricked him with Pokemon…I’m using it to teach him math and reading. So many dang rules on every card…he can read them all. And the crazy names…that should help with his pronounciation. He likes structure and rules…he’s going to love that game then. 🙂

My free time is quickly going down the toliet.


My nights are spent blasting reapers, cerberus and banshees. And I’m a little excited that my hair is the same shade as my femshep in Mass Effect 3. I turned it red today…not quite the shade I wanted but it’s still cute on me.

Seriously, Mass Effect.

Oh. Em. Geeeee.

I play online with my posse (hubs and bro) and sometimes we let a random person help us defeat reapers. Those banshees freak me out.

I’m a girl gamer. Not a gamer girl (freaking chicks that take glamor shots with their controller and say they play video games). No, man. I beat ME3 on Insanity mode with a Vanguard and a sniper rifle. I would whoop your…um…the kids aren’t totally asleep yet, so I can’t say the word I want to. But yeah, I would totally kick butt in a battle.

I come from a gaming family. I play games, hubby plays games and our kids are crazy good at them too. Our little protégés. So proud.


Why all the Mass Effect love? Well I was trying to decide what to paint on my new shoes. My last pair had femshep and Garrus. And after a few weeks of trying to talk myself into anything else but another mass effect pair, I just couldn’t do it. It’s Mass Effect. I don’t need to explain why.

So be prepared for a tutorial on how to stencil, with tons of gaming references. I’m just warning you.

Because that’s what I do when I put the kids down after a long day. I blow stuff up in video games. And I’m good at it.

During the day I give butterfly kisses to my baby, wash my kids’ stuffed animals and work in our garden. But at night, mommy needs to cut loose. That’s when I pull out my secret stash of candy, grab a huge glass of water to wash it down and set up a multiplayer game online.

Okay, maybe summer break won’t be a total disaster.

So what are YOUR plans for summer break? 😉

Tell us what you think!