Still waiting

I’ve decided the worst part of pregnancy are those last few weeks of waiting. Oh my gosh, I’m going crazy. LOL. I wonder if my next few posts will be a slow decline into insanity because of waiting.

Most likely.

Thank goodness for Pinterest!!

I’ve tried tons of new crockpot recipes. Some of them are meh, but I found a few good ones. If they suck, I delete them from my board. And I’m totally excited that you can have a lot more “private” Pinterest boards. Those are my inspiration boards that I doubt anyone else would find interesting.

Kind of unrelated, this baby has already teased me too many times. I’ve had one late night call to Labor and Delivery describing my symptoms and asking them if I can just sleep through it instead of coming in. And I’ll admit we’ve already had one trip to L&D already. I was having 2 min contractions every 4-8 mins for 2 hours. And of course when we get there they barely register on the printout. They did soften things up a bit, but still…that’s not the news I wanted to hear. “You can try walking around for an hour and we’ll check you again.” No thanks. I know what that means. So I went home and enjoyed the tortilla soup I had cooking all day in the crockpot. Mmmm.

So instead of driving myself even more crazy trying to induce labor by walking and analyzing every stupid little cramp and ache, I’m trying so hard to shift my focus. I don’t know why this baby feels the need to tease me so much.

Oh, and since it snowed today we finally met some of our neighbors. Hah. One was cross country skiing on our street, the other helped push my car into our garage. I have to say, I really love how quiet our street is. And I swear we have the friendliest neighbors ever. Everyone minds their own business and helps when they need to. This place is such a gem. Our sweet little next door neighbor helped us catch our dog when he got loose and was running down the street. Haha.

Well I know I’m curling up to copious amounts of hot cocoa and trying to pick a new desk chair for my little corner of the house. Looking for something tall and supportive. So happy my kids don’t have the back problems we have. Let’s hope they don’t develop them either.

Oh, one more thing. When we got ice melt at the Home Depot today, I did manage to snatch a bunch of pink, red and purple paint chip samples…for Valentine’s Day. 😉 It’s so hard to take as many as you want without arousing suspicion, so I threw in a few purple. Haha.

Anyone have any fun projects or recipes planned for Valentine’s Day?

Tell us what you think!


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