Six stockings!

DSC_0104rI finished all six stockings…in two days. Cool. Now I don’t have to make any more until the kids are sick of them and beg for something else. And that’s years away. Yay! (But there’s only five in the picture, you say. Why yes. We’ll add number six in February because she’s not due yet…her stocking is on the couch).

I didn’t enter the boys’ stockings into the Pattern Revolution challenge, but they were inspired by a designer. Melly Sews from Blank Slate Patterns! Poor thing had to make Jedi costumes for her kids…I totally know how that feels. Haha. And then I saw her tutorial for appliques. She traces right onto her computer. Awesome.

I had Star Wars and appliques swirling in my mind…

My boys ended up with Boba Fett and a “I want a dragon!”. So that’s what they got. 🙂DSC_0082






They fit a good amount of loot in them. Perfect size, seriously. And I’m so happy the kiddos don’t have to use the “Baby’s First Christmas” stockings again this year. 😉

Have a Merry Christmas from us!

If you want to see the other stockings up close (including the elusive number six), just look at the previous posts. 😉

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