Share Your Summer Ideas for a Chance to Win


Hola Muchachos!

I took the month of June off to travel the world and spend each new day in a new country. Just kidding, ALL of the kids got out of school and I forgot how many I had. So I was overwhelmed. Lol. I did get 40 mins to myself a few weeks ago, but it was because I was in the emergency room. HA, take whatever you can get, am I right? 😉

So I need your advice and tips…

How do you keep kids entertained during the summer?

I have some work I need to get done, but I also don’t want them glued to the tv ALL day. So it takes a balancing act to occupy them with other things…and I’m running out of ideas. Oh and it’s like in the 90s outside and I have the A/C going ’round the clock….thank you Nevada weather. So I’m conserving water during peak hours, except for one day a week when we have a water fight.


Give me some ideas! Leave your comments below!! Invite your friends to leave their tips below too!

And to say thanks for helping, I’m going to randomly pick a comment next Tuesday and that person will win their choice of 2 patterns from the shop. Yay!!

Thanks Lovelies!

Hope you’re enjoying your summer too! 🙂

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