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DSC_0006My little girl is Alice. Named after my grandma, and the character. It’s the cutest thing when she walks around with her little white rabbit stuffed animal or her cheshire cat. So I’m really excited to share this! Pattern Revolution released a free stocking pattern, but added a caveat… that you should “stalk” your favorite designers and use that inspiration to make a stocking or two (or six, in my case).
stalking contest.jpg

Well, without sounding like a total creeper, stalking came a little too easy for me. Hah, hear me out. There are tons of designers I admire! It was hard trying to narrow it down to just six stockings and designers.

First on my admiration list…Scientific Seamstress! She actually got me excited about the Sew Fab bundle and got me hooked on the whole Pattern Revolution. So there was no question about following her.

She posted about color blocking. Something I’ve never done, and a little scared to try. But her project turned out so cute, I faced my fear. I could do this. (My inspiration is shown left)

First off, I loved the idea of coloring page fabric. So freaking cute! But I was under a time crunch and had no idea where to get some. So I made some. (Yes, my solutions always seem like more work than the obvious solution. haha).

I used illustrations from Mabel Lucie Attwell’s Alice in Wonderland images. I pulled up little pictures on my phone and free-handed the drawings on white cotton. Used a Jacquard fabric pen, and heat set the images afterwards. DSC_1032

Boosh! Coloring page fabric. 🙂

Next, I sewed a bunch of pink strips together. So many strips. Almost too many strips. But, I got the look I was going for. Cut out a heel and toe…fudged the pattern since my kids threw away the actual heel and toe patterns included. Still cute! And finished with a solid strip around the top of the stocking.


I had lavender henna all over my huge pregnant belly. And now the same illustrations are on her stocking a few years later. Awww. Good times.


DSC_0010  DSC_0011

Next post… The baby’s stocking! 😉





  1. All fabric purchased at Joann fabrics
  2. Jacquard fabric pen purchased at Joann Fabrics
  3. Illustrations by Mabel Lucie Attwell, but free handed by me onto fabric
  4. free stocking pattern from Pattern Revolution
  5. Alice in Wonderland is probably owned by Disney by now. Disney rules the world, didn’t you know?

5 thoughts on “Scientific Seamstress Inspired Stocking”

  1. ScientificSeamstress

    oh my gosh I ADORE this!!!! your drawings are fab! and Alice in wonderland has always been a favourite (book and early 90’s pc text adventure game). Thanks so much for stalking!

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