Rose’s Skirt sewn by Golden Rippy


I had the chance to review Rose’s skirt from Filles à Maman. Thank you so much for this chance! 🙂  First, can I say how much I absolutely love this. It’s soooo fast and easy. Only a few pieces to cut and sew. I’m planning on  making a bunch of them. And since it only uses a few pieces I was able to upcycle two of my shirts to make a skirt for my girly. I don’t know why, but it really makes me smile seeing my little girl in my old “shirt”. Looks way more adorable on her than it ever did on me.

This pattern really lends itself to upcycling. So many cute prints, patterns and fun logos…oh the possibilities!

Ahh, I love the little pleats in front. It adds a little whimsy. The pattern includes optional pockets, but I didn’t make the pockets. I figured I would find a frog or cricket in there if I let her have pockets. But when girly gets bigger she can have pockets. 😉DSC_0662sShe’s tall, so I made the next size up. Fits great! It fits so great that I’m trying to figure out how to make one my size and squeeze myself into it.

The pattern is easy to follow along. I skipped the first few pages to get to the instructions. I really wanted to start sewing it. But, the measurements for the waistband and elastic are on the first few pages, which I figured out later. So lesson learned, don’t skip to the good stuff.

Mel includes tons of pictures for you to follow along and sew. But she does such an incredible job with the instructions that you probably won’t need them the second time you make this.

Dang, I really want one my size.

Okay…from a fashion standpoint, there are several reasons I absolutely LOVE this pattern. First, it’s a knit. I haven’t come across a lot of knit patterns that have made me giddy to sew. This one did. It has an elastic waistband, which is great for growing kids. Easy enough for her to put on herself and I don’t have to worry about it not fitting in two months. The pattern has classic lines, but adds just a little something extra. It’s not just an ordinary boring skirt from two rectangles. And it’s so flirty!DSC_0660sShe loved to run around in this. But there is one downside…for active little tomboys it isn’t the most modest thing out there. I really need to put her in leggings with this since she was climbing trees and jumping off of benches. Yeah, she really needs a pair of shorts or leggings with this. But it shouldn’t be an issue for girls that act like little ladies. hah.

You can get your own copy on Etsy. It comes in sizes 12 months to 16 years. (I think I can squeeze into a 16 if I add a little length and let out the waist a smidgen). If you have a girl to sew for, you really need this pattern. So many sizes and it’s totally adorable. And it’s such a quick and easy sew! Great for beginners and tangy enough to satisfy seasoned seamstresses (like myself).

I was given this pattern to review but all comments are my honest opinion. I was seriously excited to sew this! 🙂 So a big thanks to Mel for the chance. I really enjoyed myself! Good luck on your patterns and I hope you continued success as a new aspiring designer. You have such a wonderful unique perspective, I can’t wait to see what else you imagine!

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