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My wonderful hubby surprised me with the Fall 2013 Sew Fab Pattern bundle. He never heard about it, but knew I really wanted it. I was thrilled to pieces and it just made the rest of my week. I’ve been giddy ever since to try the patterns. I have two boys, a girl and another baby girl on the way. There are plenty of patterns to keep my little family happy and warm. Yay!

And I just love that they added some patterns for the ladies. Classic silhouettes. Very nice touch.

Anyways, I’m super excited about this bundle. My kids are in the really tall range and they tend to outgrow everything lengthwise before they can fill it out. Makes it hard to keep up with all their changing sizes. I’m so happy I can tailor these patterns to their needs and the patterns come in so many sizes. The bundle includes leggings, shirts, dresses, jackets, jammies, and even undies. I love that I can cover them head-to-toe. It’s everything I need! And fun little extras to surprise them with.

I wanted to make something for baby, but most of the patterns aren’t that small. So…

The first one I tried was the Ruffle Dress from Sumo’s Sweet Stuff. It starts at 0-3 months and goes up to 7 years. Thanks Sumo for the little sizes!! (It’s between the Pajama Eaters and the Go To Cape in the picture above). Her little one is just so cute modeling it!

Ruffle Dress by Sumo's Sweet Stuff - This pattern is part of the Sew Fab Pattern Bundle. 26 patterns for $30! #sewfab

Here’s my Review of the Ruffle Dress:

I love it. It’s simple. It’s perfect for beginners.

Sumo includes so many photos with the steps, it’s really hard to mess this up. All of the information is laid out in plain sight and I don’t have to go digging around trying to figure out how much fabric I need or how much to cut.

Here’s my version of it (sorry I don’t have a model for it yet, she’s due to arrive on Valentine’s Day).


I serged the edges of the ruffles and left it like that. I like the look of the serged white edge, it brings the fabrics together. I added a bit of lace elastic to the waist to hide the seam and in case she pops out really small like her sister. I skipped the flowers and opted for a bow instead. She’s going to have tons of bows, whether she likes it or not. Hah.

All in all…I really like the pattern. It’s simple, it’s cute. And super easy. Sometimes you just want an easy project for instant gratification. I think I finished this during my kids’ naptime. Love it! I think my toddler needs one too.

So….I can’t wait to start another pattern from the SewFab bundle!! 🙂

Happy sewing!

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