Baby Turban Hat and McKinley Springtime Hat


Made my soon-to-be baby girl a Baby Turban hat. My toddler tried to squeeze it on her own head. So I decided she needed her own hat. I let her pick out the yarn from my stash and last night I made her a McKinley’s Perfect Springtime Hat in purple.

So here’s my review of the patterns.


The Baby Turban Hat was easy enough and it’s a free tutorial. But I started to get confused around the time you start making the fancy rows. It was a new technique for me, so I’m not quite sure if I did it right. I pretended I knew what I was doing and just kept going. It turned out really cute. A bit big for a newborn, but since my kids have big heads it won’t take too long before the baby fits it. 😉

I love it! It was my first project when I found out it was a girl. I love the mustard color, since she already has so many pink hand-me-downs. I want to try the pattern several more times and make a hat for me and my little toddler. I would call it “advanced beginner”.


McKinley’s Perfect Springtime Hat was quicker and really fun. It looks like more work, but it’s sooooo easy. I finished it during an episode of the BBC Sherlock Holmes and the new Dracula series. I may have been distracted, so it could probably be made faster. Haha.

Super fast, super easy. A great beginner project, or mindless crochet for advanced hookers if you want to watch your tv shows. Every one should have this in their library. It’s a free download!


The blossom is my own signature pattern that I designed seven years ago. It’s available with my Alice Newborn set, and Strawberry Blossom hat pattern.

Happy crocheting! Any of these would make wonderful gifts for the little girls in your life. 🙂

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