Remix the Stitch Tour Kick-off! Golden Rippy’s 2nd Anniversary

I’m so excited! It’s my 2 year anniversary!!2blogtour

Two years ago I was just getting into pdf patterns and I started my little blog to chronicle my sewing efforts. I heard about Pattern Revolution and followed them like crazy to learn about all the different designers. I was having so much fun discovering all the new patterns.

I also have a degree in Fashion Design and Production and thought, hey, why not me? Of course, I didn’t know the first thing about getting my patterns tiled into pdfs. So I didn’t think too seriously about it.

But I entered the Pattern Revolution STOCKING contest. You follow your favorite designers and make a stocking inspired by them. I made 6. And one of them won (the one pictured below). The grand prize was 20 patterns! I was able to pick my favorites from their shops. And let me tell you what an absolute blast I had!DSC_0025

You see, we were on a very shoestring budget at the time, we had just made an out-of-state move and had zero family or friends nearby, and just used up all of our savings to make the move. So my holidays were tough. Winning that contest meant so much to me. It took my mind off missing all our family so much, or the fact that I spent all my birthday money on Christmas presents for my kids. The patterns ended up being the best gift for me that year. I also used them as a learning experience.

From the patterns I won, I wrote down everything I liked in a pattern and everything I thought should be in a pattern. I studied the formats, and decided on what I would want my own templates to look like. I watched as many free tutorials and videos as I could on patternmaking with a computer. I got out my dott paper and made all of my blocks in several sizes. I scanned all of those into my computer. A few months after the holidays my hubby used his bonus money from extra games he covered to pay for the Pattern Workshop class. I devoured those lessons and filled in all the gaps in my knowledge of making pdf sewing patterns, I combined that with my 3 years of design school and I was ready.

The Swhetty Betties took me under their wing.

I finished my first pattern, put it through testing and had it out in Feb….all with a new baby. Here’s that pattern.DSC_0721s

I aimed to put out 7 patterns a year…and I have since. I picked 7 because I noticed a lot of designers put out about 4 a year, I wanted to challenge myself.

I promised myself we would never be that desperate around the holidays again. And I’ve worked my tail off to make sure. 🙂

My patterns have created peace of mind for us in hard times like when my husband’s hours have gotten cut back. My shop has helped pay the bills, bought groceries and put gas in our car.

Occasionally, I have priced my patterns ridiculously low. And every now and then I’ll continue to do so. Because I remember what it’s like to not have any money left over after rent and bills to even buy yourself a pattern. So I hope my sales help even just one lady who is struggling at the moment and could use a little sunshine in her life, and some joy.

Which brings us to my 2 year anniversary tour. We’re making Golden Rippy designs with a twist!blogtoursponsors

Meet the bloggers who will REMIX the Stitch for Golden Rippy’s 2nd Anniversary! They have some fun mash-ups in store for you. Here’s the full line-up, in case you miss a day. Don’t forget to check them out and send some love!

Don’t forget to enter the EPIC Pattern giveaway! Our wonderful sponsors have graciously offered a free pattern of choice to the winner. That’s 15 patterns in total!! You don’t want to miss a chance to win this! Be sure to show them some love too!

One lucky winner will win the lot! How is that for paying it forward? 🙂

And thank you so much for pinning, tweeting, sharing, liking and sewing my patterns. Every little pattern sale goes to helping our big family (I was on maternity break over the summer). I am so blessed to have such wonderful fans, terrific testers, sweet designer friends and awesome mentors. I consider it an honor to be a part of this sewing community. I’ve met so many lovely ladies. Thank you so much! ❤
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