Reasons why I love E3


I’m one of those older Millennials that grew up with technology. My generation was the first to have cell phones in middle school and we grew up with computers in our houses. We remember the internet when you needed those free AOL discs to jump on. And when I signed up for email I got my first choice of names, because email was still NEW. Yes sirree bob, technology is amazing. 

Now, I carry my phone EVERYWHERE. My toddler is convinced I can’t function without it, so she always picks it up where ever I leave it and promptly brings it to me. Lol. I don’t ask her to do that. 😉 Lately I’ve been using the OneNote and Word document apps to keep track of changes I’ve made on my computer. It helps me take work with me and let’s me step outside to get some fresh air. But that isn’t always the case. Programming and designing requires a lot of face time in front of the computer, and can be often isolating at times. Group projects help break up the monotony, but sometimes it’s just intense deadline-driven projects. And sometimes you just need a break from all that to get inspired. I know a few designers that have taken long breaks to get recharged and inspired again. 

When I’m burned out, I put my tech aside and find a way to recharge. 

And this is why I LOVE E3!!



You know all those awesome apps on your phone and tablet? Awesome designers spent hundreds of hours designing and testing them before rolling them out into the app store. And coding doesn’t always go exactly as you plan. D2ROMCUEIVRemember that one time I changed the code of this site and it was so awesome I broke my site for an hour? I had to stick it in maintenance mode and call IT to help me undo that part. They changed the theme and I was back up and running….until I uploaded the damaged code again. Lol. Yep, I broke it twice in the same day. But I learned from that and didn’t do it a third time.


In case you don’t know about it, but I’m pretty sure I’ve gushed about E3 before…E3 is the Entertainment Expo every year that rolls out all the new tech, programs, games and everything else a tech savvy person could get excited about. Needless to say, I’m getting totally excited about it. Last year some of my buddies kept posting pics while they were there since I couldn’t make it. Okay, I was totally glued to my phone that weekend, I’m not going to lie. And this is going to sound like a total nerd, but I’m actually getting butterflies just thinking about going. It’s that awesome. Seriously awesome. And you get to make all kinds of connections and listen to awesome key note speakers. It’s like the rockstars of the industry all put aside their mouses for the weekend and congregate in this huge hall of awesomeness.

I remember picking up my dad from E3, Brainshare, and CES a bunch of times when I was younger. It was always fun hearing about the new happenings from him.

So yes, my lovelies…I will be glued to my phone that weekend in one way or another. It’s June 14-16.

I can’t wait to see everything this year and enjoy the Expo!! 🙂

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