How To Plan Your Capsule Wardrobe- Part Two

By now you’ve learned the perks of curating your own wardrobe. You’ll be able to free up your time spent hunting for clothes, and trying to match items. If you missed Part 1 you can find it here. Go read the perks in case you need extra convincing.
This post will help you scale down your current closet into a more manageable wardrobe. And feel free to tuck away some clothes into a plastic bin or roll away box for out-of-season items. For example, I have this gorgeous canary peacoat but I can’t wear it in the middle of summer. So that’s tucked away. Pick out the items you will wear NOW…shorts, sandals, short sleeve shirts, etc. Then decide what items you want to save for the other seasons…ie, sweaters, boots, long sleeve shirts, wool beanies, etc. Anything else that doesn’t fit your new mix gets donated to Salvation Army, Goodwill, Deseret Industries, give away to a friend, or sell at a yard sale.

Here’s your Magical Blueprint:


10 Tops, 6 Bottoms, 5 Jackets, 2-3 Dresses, 6-7 Pairs of Shoes = 30 items total

That’s it! See how easy it is?
10 TOPS- Include a plain white jersey top in your capsule. It’s always perfect for layering, goes with anything and it’s an instant classic.
Tops should be flattering and make you feel confident. If they don’t bring out your best personality, toss them. If you’re a Golden Rippy fan you should already have the Delilah Top. It’s an adorable addition to your wardrobe! Sew it now! I made several versions, you can check out my Momiform makeover to see a Disney-inspired version.
6 BOTTOMS- Skinny jeans are IN, in a very big way. If you don’t own a pair, time to jump on the bandwagon and get some! Bottoms also include shorts, skirts and capris. Be sure to add a few pairs of pants that are flattering. Watch out for puckers or excess fabric; that could indicate a poor fit. 
The Calrose skirt is a knit pencil skirt, that looks awesome with or without the ruffles. Perfect for work and date night. In case you missed it, now is the time to add that to your capsule! 😉 You can see another version of it in my Momiform makeover.Your Magical Blueprint to a Capsule Wardrobe Click To Tweet
5 JACKETS- Make sure your jackets are season appropriate. So if you’re getting chilly morning weather this can include some cute cardigans. If you’re in full on Winter you can include a big parka. But if it’s summer, you’ll want to steer more towards light boleros and light hoodies. My personal favorite happens to be the Omega Angel jacket from Golden Rippy. 
3 DRESSES- Aim for neutral colors if you want them to be really versatile. You can definitely add prints, but let them be more in season like huge watercolor flowery prints rather than say, a Star Wars theme. Sorry fans. We’re going for truly versatile. That means it should leave an impression that it’s flattering and well made, but not too extreme that they’ll remember you wore it twice this week. This is when you can change the jacket and add an accessory and be ready to go on a date night after working that day (or chasing kids). Add a fun scarf and switch out our shoes for something more fun like ankle boots and you’re good to go!
The Cinnabar Sky dress and top is a fun addition to summer with the crossover front. It also includes an optional nursing hack if you need it. It’s free to members of our Hive. 😉


6-7 PAIRS OF SHOES- Put those fuzzy slippers away, because we’re going for a more polished look. This is where you can truly tailor them to meet your needs. If you like wearing high heels all day every day, then go on and rock those out! You’ll want some high heels, sneakers, boots and sandals (unless it’s Winter, then go with snow boots instead). Make them cute, make sure they fit (no pinching anywhere), and keep them in good condition. A nice pair of shoes can take you far in life!
ACCESSORIES- These don’t count against your like I mentioned before. Time to sew up all the bags and scarves to your heart’s content. 
Well my pretties, go forth and make your wardrobe something that you’re proud to wear. Last year I did quite an overhaul on my Momiform Makeover and I’m pretty happy with the results. It feels nice having clothes that I love and that fit me well.
Good luck and be sure to post pictures!
Tag your posts #GoldenRippyCapsule so we can all enjoy!

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