How To Plan a Capsule Wardrobe

It’s one of the best kept secrets of fashion bloggers. Capsule wardrobes not only allow you to free up some space in your crowded closest, they also allow you to focus on the basics so you can easily switch up accessories for new looks. But don’t assume that a simple wardrobe has to be boring. Join me as we use these blueprints to unleash YOUR new dynamic wardrobe. We’re first going to look at what makes a great capsule wardrobe and then try to use patterns and items you already own. Are you ready?! Let’s get started!

Today in PART ONE- We’re going to learn WHY you need a capsule wardrobe.


Now before you start donating all your clothes away, here are the rules:

1.Work uniforms don’t count. So your scrubs, suits, and khakis are safe. They don’t count against your capsule. You need these. Leave them alone.
2. BUY ALL THE ACCESSORIES! Yes, these don’t count against your capsule either. You need these to change up your looks. So if you see a really cute scarf you just HAVE to have, go on and get it. We encourage that. And just in case you’re wondering, accessories are hats, socks, scarves, gloves, mittens, headbands, umbrellas and jewelry. That sort of stuff.
3. Limit your capsule to 30-40 items. Shirts, blouses, pants, dresses, shoes, and outwear count. Pajamas, sportswear and special occasion dresses don’t count. This is when you get rid of things you don’t really care for. Be picky!! Some ladies can trim the capsule down to 20 items, but the happy median is 30.
4. Keep it simple AND season appropriate. Unless you plan on wearing sandals in the middle of winter, just tuck those away. Whatever you don’t need for the season you are currently in gets packed away in a box. This capsule only needs to last you 3 months, for the current season. Alter your capsule for Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter as the season change.

A few months ago I switched to a capsule wardrobe and I’ve never been happier with my closet!

These are the questions I asked myself while I was evaluating all of my clothes.

  • Does the color look good on me?
  • Does it honestly fit me?
  • Do I like how I feel when I wear it?
  • Does this reflect my personality or compliment my lifestyle?
  • If my house was burning, and I had time to pack a suitcase would I pack this? Or would I throw it into the fire?
  • Is this versatile? Can I style it different ways?

AND Last question…

  • Does this help me portray my best image?
Now before I get a lot of angry comments about how looks shouldn’t matter, let me explain.
I can’t even tell you the times I’ve been out shopping and ran into my husband’s co-workers, or friends of the family, or my kids’ teachers. And all the times I’ve been able to network while at the craft store, or while I’m shopping…even while grocery shopping. And I just feel more confident when I’m dressed nice and in something that makes me happy.
It’s not about slathering on pounds of make up or plucking the heck out of my eyebrows…
“PORTRAY YOUR BEST IMAGE”, means feeling comfortable in your clothes and wearing them right, not letting them wear you.
So even though I rocked those super flare jeans in high school, they no longer fit after having 5 kids. Hips SPREAD. The jeans got donated.
And even though I snagged my husband with that super tight, blue striped shirt… my kids would be embarrassed if I picked them up from school in it. The shirt got donated.
I had a couple adorable cardigans I hated to give away. My girls now use those for dress-up.
But now when I look in my closet I only see the items I would be happy to wear every day. And it makes my day so much less stressful. I already have cute clean clothes hanging up. I don’t have to wonder if it will coordinate with something else in my closet. It’s a nice cohesive mix of items.
Join me tomorrow for the secret formula of how many clothes you really need to have a good capsule!
So lovelies, have you heard about capsule wardrobes? Do you have one? Let me know your thoughts below!

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