Pink eye and the flu

Spent the week stuck at home with three sick kids and a baby. I’ve decided that taking care of three sick people and trying to shield the baby the whole time is a full-time job. I didn’t leave the house. But I was lucky to get help and even managed to get some sewing done so I didn’t go totally crazy with cabin fever.

The UPS and fedex people helped me. Lol, no they didn’t come in and make me food. But all week I received packages when I needed them the most. I received my software. Got a package full of frozen food in a big white box with dry ice from family. And even got a box with elastic and extra bobbins for my Juki…except I found it the next morning covered in snow/rain slush.

And then I had so many epiphanies during dinner time this week. I figured out how to solve several problems and even got a free movie out of it…

I was whining about wanting to watch Frozen now, but not wanting to download it now and then buy it again next month with the blu-ray bundle. You know…first world problems. Our conversation ended with us seeing if the Playstation store had it and then remembering we still had a balance in  our account (that refund when our son bought like 20 episodes of Dan vs Dan and we didn’t download them). So, we got Frozen for free! Technically, I guess we spent the money months ago on the episodes, but I’m counting this as free. We’ve watched it at least 6 times in the past 2 days. That’s what happens when your kids are too sick to do anything but lay on the couch. And I really wanted to watch it. Hah.

And convinced I’m going to eventually catch this cold from my kids, I made myself a top sirloin for lunch and a filet mignon for dinner with a twice baked potato and corn. Dangit, I want to eat a good meal while I can still taste it. And it’s the first time I’ve had a super rare steak in a long while, since I’m no longer pregnant.

Oh. It. Was. Heaven.

Now I’m ready to catch the cold. I’ve had my last meal. 😉

Oh, and it was a funny coincidence. Frozen finished downloading around 9, and that night it rained. But we woke up to snow. Perfect time to tell the kids we got the movie. And I may have told them Queen Elsa froze our backyard. Hah.

So yeah.

Stuck at home.

But I have a freezer full of food, plenty of elastic to last until a zombie apocalypse, and a new movie to keep us entertained.

It’s actually been a really nice week even though everyone is sick or has pink eye.

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