Persimmon Pattern Remix by Golden Rippy

DSC_0979I made my Persimmon Pattern remix in a cotton knit. It’s SOOO soft. Seriously. I could sleep in this fabric…make my sheets out of this fabric…you get the idea.

What I love about this pattern is how Hayley nestles all of the pattern pieces so tight on the paper. Oh, a woman after my own heart. You barely waste any paper while printing this. THANK YOU Hayley!!!

Here’s how I changed it up a bit. This is MY Persimmon Remix.

First, mine is a KNIT. The pattern calls for a woven. Because I used a knit, I was a little more generous with my seam allowance. I think I used 5/8″ in spots. DSC_0002s

Second, My pockets are HEARTS. I self-drafted them. I took the same measurements of the Persimmon pocket, and folded it in half and drew a half heart. Then I cut out the heart and sewed around it on two layers of knit. I turned it right side out (through a little opening) and topstitched around the edge. I tacked it down in the same spot she says and stitched to the bumps of the hearts, along the bottom. That’s it!DSC_0064s

Third, my straps are shorter. I totally winged this part. I picked a gray chevron from my jelly roll and cut it in half crosswise. I used one half for each strap. And then I just bound the underarm edge like a quilt. I also turned the edging to the inside after binding it and stitched it down. I like the look of just the knit on the outside, it makes it look cleaner and stabilizes the arm seam more with the knit fabric. And I don’t have to worry about long straps poking her eyes while she’s in her carseat…or getting all drooly because she found them. Hah.DSC_0985

Fourth, I didn’t line this dress. You don’t really need to line it if you make it in a knit. I just serged the edges and sewed them under 1/2″. Worked out perfectly for the neckline and hem.DSC_0026s

It’s sooooo adorable. And baby girl loves how soft and comfy it is. 🙂DSC_0028s

I made her a matching diaper cover with the free pattern from Dana Made It.  I chose the 12-24 month size since I made her dress 12 month…big baby. She can grow with the diaper cover. It was so fast and easy. I changed it too…of course. I added 1 inch elastic to the waist, serged it onto the edge, and turned it in and sewed it down. I used 1/4″ elastic for the legs, but I think next time I’ll do 1/2″ elastic.

I picked fun Valentine-y colors because Wee One was my Valentine present. Awww, my little sweetheart! She better get used to hearts and bows on everything, because that’s totally happening. 😉DSC_0983

I LOVE the Persimmon. I’m a Be-lieber. Lol, kidding. I REALLY love this pattern now and can’t wait to make Big Sis a version too. It’s awesome in knits! So soft and can be layered when the weather gets cold.DSC_0057s

Admit it. It’s completely adorable.

And it’s way easier than it looks.



No..I don’t want to share my resources. Okay fine. But only if you promise to not run out and buy up all the supplies so I can’t reorder. 😉

Fabric is from Fabric Worm. Riley Blake jelly roll (for straps) was purchased at Craftsy. Persimmon Pattern is from Willow & CO.


Happy Sewing!

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