Paper Pieced Lone Starburst Pillow-part 1


This is not a sponsored post, but it does contain some affiliate links. That means if you click on the affiliate links I get a high-five from Craftsy and they throw pocket-change my way to support my stash. It also contains links to other websites that I have no affiliation with, I just wanted to share. Cool, now that we got that legal stuff out of the way… 😉

I’ll tell you about my fun pillow, but first…

If you haven’t heard about Craftsy, it’s about time that you do!

I remember when Craftsy first hit the scene. It was really small, but it had big dreams.

I can’t believe how fast it’s grown!

Now you can watch classes on your computer or phone. You can also order supplies like fabric, quilt kits, watercolors and patterns from independent designers (like me!). They’re always having sales too! Sweet!

They have tons of free classes!

And free patterns too. 😉


I used this free Lone Starburst pattern from SixWhiteHorses to make a pillow for the girls’ room. It’s going to match their mermaid quilts. My awesome friend Kim told me about the pattern. Thanks Kim! 😉

But the pattern doesn’t come with any instructions, it just assumes you know how to paper piece.

Hah. I know I’ve seen it done before. I even remember the pages of sewn blocks in my grandma’s sewing room. But I’ve never done it before this. So I did what any normal person would do. I googled it.

Wow, there are so many confusing ways to do it.

I wish I could tell you I came up with a really special way to do it, but that’s not true. I relied heavily on Carol Doak’s technique. She makes it so simple to understand and follow along with. I’m so excited to try it again!
Her secret is using a postcard and a ruler. Boom! That’s it, and you stitch through the paper.
I used regular printer paper, and a real tight stitch so it would be easier to tear the paper away later. And then I trued it up with a 1/4″ seam allowance.

Oh my gosh. She is seriously a genius. Don’t even bother looking up the other methods, they will just drive you mad. Trust me.

So take it from a total newbie to paper piecing….this is the easiest way to paper piece a pillow or quilt block.

Thank you Carol Doak!!!!

If you learn best by watching someone, you can check out Carol Doak’s Mastering Foundation Paper Piecing Craftsy class.

This is the link that I found where she explains paper piecing.  I did have to read it a few times to get the hang of it though.

Go practice paper piecing!! When you get your block together I’ll show you how to make a quilt sandwich and turn it into a pillow in PART 2. 🙂

Below, I listed all the pretty supplies that I used to make the pillow. I bought them from Craftsy when they had a huge sale last month. I used the anthology strips, Fossil Fern Charm Packs, Kona Solids charm squares in “Snow” and I had leftover Heather Ross Mendocino fabric that I’ve been hoarding since I found out I was having my first girl. 😉

It’s now my goal to some day add that fossil fern fat quarter pack to my stash. Ohmagosh. yum.

Go check out Craftsy!! And save up to 50% off on ALL online classes at Craftsy’s BIG Summer Sale!


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  1. Oh your pillow is beautiful!! I’m so glad it worked out for you ;). Oh, and you know you are now committed to making the quilt for their room, lol !!!

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