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Reasons why I love E3

I’m one of those older Millennials that grew up with technology. My generation was the first to have cell phones in middle school and we grew up with computers in our houses. We remember the internet when you needed those free AOL discs to jump on. And when I signed up for email I got […]

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Craftsy Tula Pink Elizabeth Tote Bag

Craftsy rocks, in case you didn’t know. They have so many fun classes and projects for everyone. If you made those felt pillows in Home Ec and wished you could make cuter projects then Craftsy is for you. They also have free mini classes. I added a pizza making class to my library and it’s […]

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Why It’s Good To Have Bad Days

Hey my lovelies, I’ve noticed a recent trend lately and I thought I would share my thoughts on it.  A lot of us are getting dumped on with problems. Whether it’s losing a job, having health issues, changing new schools, dealing with old feelings, losing loved ones, etc. We all have problems, am I right? […]

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