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We’re having another….

So, I was going through the fabric bin, trying to decide what to use, and I saw the fabric I used to recover the carseat for boy #2. It had stripes, there were tons of polka dots, I think some bears and elephants, and way too many primary colors. Seems right. And then I realized… […]

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Tutorial- Nest Necklaces

Awww, look how pretty! Little nests. The little eggs show how many kiddos you have in your “nest”. Or cats…or friends…you get the idea. It’s easy to cram 4 in there, but I’m not brave enough to try 7 or 8. If anyone ends up making one with that many, please post a picture. I […]

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Mom on a mission

Welcome to my little neck of the woods…err, mountains! Seems I just can’t get away from the mountains. Hah. I grew up by the Pacific Ocean, like a bike ride away, so you’ll hear me try to adjust to snow and all of the seasons. It’s not just spring and summer anymore! Anyways. Winter just […]

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