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Rachel is… CURRENTLY Enjoying…a little peace and quiet during naptime. The only real time I have to accomplish anything (like projects or writing). Or just sitting down without anyone jumping on me. The most sacred part of my day. No one messes with the kids’ naptime…because you know, they need their sleep…or something. 😉 CURRENTLY […]

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Lovely Rita Skinnies

Took me two days, but I made a pair of Lovely Rita Skinnies for my little Miss! It snowed the other day and now she can wear these under dresses, with tunics or cute tops. And totally tucked into boots. Did I mention she’s obsessed with shoes? She is. I made size 3T since she’s […]

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Quick and Easy Advent Calendar

The holidays should be fun. No point in getting overwhelmed with all the prep and decorations if we can’t enjoy the actual holiday! So here’s a quick and easy Advent Calendar… you still have a week or so to put together. For the Twelve Days of Christmas!! (which I’m still trying to figure out what […]

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Adding new Christmas Traditions

Had a wonderful Thanksgiving and then got horribly ill the next day. All I can say is, I am soooo thankful I got sick the next day because I was still able to taste all the yummy food I made on Thanksgiving. Yay! and I have tons of leftovers in the freezer for when I […]

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follow on bloglovin

Follow my blog with Bloglovin and I’m on instagram! And I don’t know why, but every time I get an email from Bloglovin I giggle to myself and say “I am bloglovin”. It reminds me of that movie with McLovin in it. Haha. I love my Bloglovin emails, if only for that reason. Anyways, Bloglovin […]

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