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Pink eye and the flu

Spent the week stuck at home with three sick kids and a baby. I’ve decided that taking care of three sick people and trying to shield the baby the whole time is a full-time job. I didn’t leave the house. But I was lucky to get help and even managed to get some sewing done […]

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Adobe CS6 vs Adobe CC

  I’ve had a love/hate relationship with Adobe for 10 years. I LOVE their products, but I HATE the pricing, monopoly and everything else. Why do I keep coming back? Because despite tons of freeware and knock-offs that can produce the same effects…Adobe just has finesse. They have a steep learning curve if you’re not […]

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Caroline Dress sewn by Lexi Made

So, I’m getting totally excited for Mouse House Creations‘ Caroline Dress for the ladies! I have the one for my little girlies, but it’s so classic it will look amazing on the ladies. Is it so wrong that I wish she made all of her pattern in women’s sizes too? I seriously love her patterns. […]

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Valentine's paint chip bookmarks

Valentine’s Paint chip Bookmarks! That’s what you get when you have a bunch of paint samples laying around and a holiday coming up. And I have a free coupon for a mini bucket of paint, my perk for popping out a baby…so I was comparing ALL the pink samples. Yeah, I’m going with that excuse…that’s […]

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