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Awesome Dahlias

We’re gearing up for a test starting Wednesday. But I want to kick things back for a minute to check out some more Dahlia tops. So adorable. First we travel to the Netherlands to see what Sofilantjes made! She made a black Dahlia….Oooo. I would totally wear that. I love the little bling in the […]

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Beef Tamales Recipe

I love making tamales. Chicken tamales, beef tamales, sweet tamales…you name it. It’s a labor of love though. It takes at least 8 hours, start to finish. So yeah, I consider making tamales a vacation because it takes so long. But it also reminds me of my family, we used to have these every Christmas […]

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Carrot Toy Pattern

Here’s comes Peter Cottontail hopping down the bunny trail…hippity hop… Easter’s on it’s way! And you can use this free pattern to make a carrot toy for your little cottontails! All you need is some scraps of cotton jersey (or quilting cotton works too), and this free carrot toy pattern. Happy Easter! First, print out […]

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Fabulous Dahlias

We’ll continue our tour later. For now, enjoy a mini mash-up of some of the pretty Dahlia‘s so far! A huge thanks to all of the wonderful ladies that sewed these and allowed me to use the photos. You gals are awesome. Thanks for being a part of my sewing group. And I can’t wait […]

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