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Happy early 4th!

I’m going to barbeque up a storm tomorrow since hubby has the day off. Yay, a family day together! So here’s a quick update from me. I’m currently picking a name for my awesome maxi dress & tunic that will be nursing and maternity friendly, and go up to a 50″ bust! For all those […]

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How to Make Frozen Pops

These things are deliciously awesome. I found myself sneaking them and having to make more for the kids. Shhh. Here’s an easy recipe for how to make frozen pops your kids will love! First gather your supplies. You need these fun little popsicle molds. They’re life changing…well, sort of. I can stick them in the […]

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Why I sew

There’s a universal understanding that sewing is a solitary activity. You sit down, turn on the machine and listen to the belts gently hum as you feed fabric under the needle. Generally, it’s not a time for conversing with others or reading that last book you spent weeks looking for. It’s a time for quiet […]

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