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Delilah Pattern Tour-Day 9

One more day of the tour. Are you said to see it over? Pick up your own pattern and let these inspire you! Tuesday- Aug 5 Mae & K   http://maeandk.com/ The Crazy Tailor   http://thecrazytailor.com Blogs Like A Mother   http://blogslikeamother.blogspot.com   Mae & K made a gray version and added bling. 🙂   I LOVE this […]

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Delilah pattern tour- Day 8

Hey-o,  it’s been a week of the Delilah pattern tour and we’re wrapping up the tour this week! If you didn’t get a chance to see the patterns in the shop, it’s your last chance. The sale ends this week. Don’t miss it! It’s not going on sale for a while.  Today we’re following: Monday- Aug […]

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Delilah Pattern Tour- Day 7

Only three more days left! Awww… follow along to these fabulous ladies today Made by Sara From a Box   Crooked Whimsy Sara loves her new top and even put it in her top 4 favorites. Stacey looks so fetching with her version. Oooo flowers! Thanks gals for stitching it up! 🙂

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Delilah blog tour- Day Six

Today we’re catching up with these ladies and seeing what they made for the Delilah Tour. Saturday- Aug 2 Growing Family 1   http://growingfamily1.blogspot.com/ Marmalade Forest   http://www.marmaladeforest.com Ali Cat & Co   alicatco.blogspot.com   Here’s Ali Cat strutting her stuff. Boom chicka wow wow. 😉  

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Delilah Blog Tour- Day Five

Is your head exploding from the cuteness yet? All these ladies are so adorbs. Day Five is our half-way point. Awww, can’t it last forever? Boo.   Here’s the line-up for today! Friday- Aug 1 Stitchwerx Designs   http://stitchwerx.net/?p=2093 Pienkel   http://www.pienkel.com/2014/08/delilah-top-golden-rippy-blog-tour.html E-beth Designs   http://ebethdesigns.com/   I’m sorry, Kim was just too cute. I couldn’t limit it […]

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