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Fawn Lily Dress sewn by Golden Rippy

School is back in session for us. BOO! No, I’m kidding…I love the break. I get a lot of sewing done. Wink. But I heard Willow & Co was challenging people to sew up a back to school wardrobe. And while only one of my kiddos is in school at the moment (heaven, help me) […]

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Review of Pattern Workshop by Lauren Dahl

An Honest Review of Pattern Workshop by Lauren Dahl. **This post may contain affiliate links** So, Lauren is my absolute bestie. No, I’m kidding. We’ve never met in real life but she’s still on my cool list. 🙂 This is my Pattern Workshop Review. Totally honest, and no I wasn’t given the class to review…I […]

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Just a little thank you

I’ve met so many wonderful people through this little blog of mine. Other designers, testers, seamstresses, crafters, cooks, people that hope-to-someday craft and sew, and many others. And I’ve gained so many new friends. Awww, you guys. And to all of you that read this… whether it’s for curiosity, enjoyment, inspiration or because I make […]

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Cinnabar Sky Dress and Top

You’ve all been waiting patiently…well you don’t have to wait any longer! The CINNABAR SKY dress and top is now available. Perfect for 1st and 2nd trimesters (3rd if you like tight dresses, wink wink). It has directions for discrete nursing openings and the crossover front draws attention up towards your face, thus minimizing your […]

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Delilah Pattern Tour-Day 10

We’re wrapping up the Delilah Pattern Tour today! Here’s the last of our lovely ladies. Wednesday- Aug 6 Bebe Lambs   http://www.bebelambs.com Create3.5   http://createthreepointfive.blogspot.com Lady and the Gents   http://www.theladyandthegents.blogspot.com   Lady and the Gents made a fun flirty purple top. I love this for so many reasons. 🙂 Meriel from create3.5 made a maternity top, and […]

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