We’re in One Thimble!

I’m so extremely thrilled to tell you about the One Thimble magazine. It’s an Aussie based digital sewing magazine with exclusive patterns, tutorials and great advice to improve your skills and business. It’s chock-full of great articles. And I’m so excited to tell you that Golden Rippy made it into the One Year anniversary issue.

**This post does contain affiliate links since I’m a One Thimble affiliate. 😉 **


It happened a couple of months ago when Jen contacted me and asked if I would be interested in participating in a future issue. I checked out the current issue (at the time) and was very impressed with the level of tutorials and patterns involved. I replied back that she count me in. the fun part was designing a pattern exclusively for their summer issue (I’m pretty sure I saw ice rain here today). I had to think ahead to summer and pop out something fun with color-blocking in it. And that’s how the Helios dress was imagined.DSC_0507

It’s a tent dress that’s perfect for running around and freely playing without worry of busting the seams. But it’s also a great transition piece to fall (since I’m already in fall). You can really let your imagine run wild with the colors and choice of fabrics involved. I provided the little puzzle, you get to add the colors as you wish. 🙂DSC_0423

It’s also my first pattern that is in both metric AND imperial measurements.

The pattern is exclusive to One Thimble for the next few months, so if you want it go check out the

I hope to see lots of Helios dresses popping up on Instagram and in our facebook sewing group too. Can’t wait to see what you make! I’m excited to make some of the patterns from the issue too and I’ll share my versions on the blog soon.

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