New free masterclass- How to draft sewing patterns

Let’s jump straight into it! I get asked a lot how to make patterns. In fact, several of my testers wanted to learn so much so they didn’t have to wait for my next pattern, that I pointed them in the direction of resources that I use. And then some of my friends wanted to make their own designs too so they didn’t have to ask me to sew them something, so I taught them how to sew and showed them the next steps in designing their own patterns. I get emails asking me how to start off designing on a regular basis.

I figured it was time to put it all together in a special one-hour masterclass for you. For free. On-demand. You can watch it on your own schedule.

It takes you through the entire process. From illustrating to picking fabrics, drafting to testing fit.

We talk about why sizing is different across different brands and how you can create your own sizing. We even talk about custom measurements and how to get a good fit on anyone.

If you’ve ever wondered how to start drafting patterns, you’re not going to want to miss this free class!

I’ll show you the tools you actually need and why you don’t need expensive software to get started.

I’ll also show you how I used one pattern to make several different designs.

So grab a notebook and drink, and sit back for an hour while you see the exact process designers use to make sewing patterns and bring their creations to life.

You can sign up for the free masterclass below!

xx, Rachel

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