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otium1I’m feeling like a total cow. Yes yes. I know. I don’t look like it. But when the only weight you’ve gained manages to overshadow your feet, you feel less than pretty. Like you swallowed a bowling ball. And all my shirts are obscenely too short in the front now. And all my maternity ones are stretched beyond recognition from the last few kids. Needless to say my wardrobe is yoga pants and…honestly, I can’t remember what shirts I’m wearing these days. lol. So I present to you a maternity hacked Otium sweater for all us ladies that are bummed out that regular shirts won’t fit us anymore! 🙂 Yay! Thanks Sofilantjes for making a cute, versatile pattern!otium2

So go grab your favorite top pattern and step up. No more excuses to use hubby’s shirts! Psst, this pattern happens to be on sale right now for 20% off (30% off if you get the bundle with girls and womens sizes) at Sofilantjes,. I’m just saying. 😉 It’s right there. That’s like a gimme.

Okay. Prewash your fabric…I hope you bought a little extra because we’re going to need it and jersey shrinks a lot! (Mine shrunk so much I had to make this into short sleeves, boo).

You’re going to pick the size based on your pre-pregnancy weight, if you want it snug. Otherwise, go up one size my lovely pregnant ladies. I picked my size depending on the measurements for pre-pregnancy weight. Usually I’m a firm medium, but in this pattern I’m a small. It has plenty of ease, I didn’t need to go up. (And I gain 20 lbs water weight in the end, so I have plenty of room to grow into this too, woo-hoo!)

  1. Alrighty, extend the front piece down 4 inches…straight down. Leave all the other pieces alone. Cut out your sleeves, back piece, and all the bands (neck, hip, cuff…).
  2. Sew the shoulders together. Attach the sleeves. And run a basting stitch down the sides of the front. Pin the front piece to the back at the sides, but start the gathers at the waist and extend downward, leaving the bottom 2 inches ungathered. You want most of the gathers between the waist and hem.
  3. Stitch up the sides. Attach all the bands and you’re done. BAM! Pregnancy top!img083

This is the single most comfortable pregnancy top I’ve ever worn, out of all 5 babies. I can’t wait to try this hack out with other patterns too! It adds plenty of ease in the front for your growing bump. 🙂otium5

For the sleeves, I picked one of my favorite tops and placed it over the sleeve pattern and copied the length. I added a 1/2″ seam allowance to the bottom, but next time I’m totally making long sleeves.

I’m freezing my buns off over here and this top is warm and cute. I feel like a cute little librarian in it. 🙂 Which is funny, because I am a librarian on Sundays. Haha.otium4

Alright my preggos, go forth and get yourself this pattern. It is SOOOOOOO comfortable. And so incredibly easy to stitch up and put on. I think it took me about 2-3 hours from start to finish, and most of that was trying to pick fabrics.otium3

The Otium pattern (only the girls’ sizes or only the womens’ sizes) is 20% off and the Otium Bundle (includes girls’ and womens’ sizes) is 30% off right now, no coupon code needed at . It also comes with a low back with bow, or a diagonal front pocket, and has 3/4 and long sleeve options. There are so many different versions you can sew up and you can match your little girlies too! She will like that kangaroo pocket for her dolly or sketchpad. 🙂

Check out all the lovely ladies that sewed up an Otium for the tour. There are so many inspiring versions! Now you have no excuse to pass this up. Hurry hurry! 🙂

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***Yep, I received this pattern for review. I received no other compensation. I had a blast sewing it up and I almost starting crying because I was so happy to have a pregnancy shirt that actually fits me. Thanks Annemieke for the wonderful pattern! You totally rock! I hope your blog tour ends on a high note! 🙂 ***


Happy Otium making!



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