Maldives Swimsuit Sew Along: Part 3

Are you having fun learning how to sew a swimsuit?

Are you not entertained? 😉

We’ve posted 6 videos for the sew along! Yeah, I’m learning how to make vids for YouTube. They’re a little different than the awesome vids I make for my Bootcamps. I get out my Yeti mics for the Bootcamp, but it’s so hard to set that up while sewing. The Yeti picks up EVERY sound, you could hear my dogs outside.. so I opted to not use them. Bear with me while I figure out a new setup for more interactive tutorials. They’ll get better, I promise. 🙂

We published our last 2 videos (thanks for your patience). They were longer than the others so we had to get verified first, and they gave us permission to start posting longer vids. Yay! And wow, YouTube is next level. I’m going to have fun with that.

Find us on YouTube!

And a big thank you to our 2 new YouTube followers! (our only followers)

Now I can finally brag. This goes out to my high school chemistry teacher who never thought I would accomplish anything. Just because I failed your class, whatever. I have 2 followers on YouTube. Ahh, who’s the loser now? 😉

But thank you so much for following our channel! I doubt Mr. Schwartz reads my blog. Lol. But I get a kick knowing someone is nerding out over sewing with me. XOXO.

I’m going to be totally honest. My goal is 4 followers. Because there’s this teen chick that wanted me to drop my account so she could have it.. and she has 3 followers. So the competitive side in me wants to get one more than her. That’s my only goal for the year. Dream big, right? 😉

You can use the How to Sew a Swimsuit playlist to help you sew a swimsuit. These tips can be applied to basically ANY swimsuit pattern you have.


And yeah, no… I’m not modeling the swimsuit from the sew along because I’ve been there and done that, and started getting a lot of DMs from guys on my socials when I uploaded the pink one. Thanks for the flattering words, but I had to block them all. So that was my social experiment fail. And now I’m reminded why I have private accounts. Lol.

The Final Steps

Here you can watch video #5, how to add ALL the elastics. It’s a long video filled with tons o’ tips and tricks. Basically everything my instructors taught us in college. They brought in a guest instructor that was a swimsuit designer and she spilled all her secrets to us. And then a whole bunch of years later I threw them on YouTube. It’s the circle of life.

Video #5

Here’s the last video, Numero Seis. In video #6, we add the straps and finish tying the straps in the back. Once you finish these steps, you’re done!

Video #6

If you want to read Part One of our sew along, you can find it here.

And Part Two of our sew along is here, along with the first two videos.

If you want to cheat, and find ALL the videos and watch them all in order, they’re here in a nifty playlist.

I sewed the swimsuit in a day. You can take your time sewing it. No rush.

Happy sewing!


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