Maldives Swimsuit Sew Along: Part 2

Hi Lovelies, the next couple of videos were finally processed to YouTube. The last two were over the “length limit” so I had to verify my account and re-upload them…they’re still processing. I’ll publish a new blog post right after they’re done, hopefully later today.

We’re making the swim bra in video #3. It’s a lot easier than you think, and you can use this to help you make not only the Maldives swimsuit, but any of the Mykonos Tankinis too! Yay!

Video #3- How to make a swimsuit shelf bra

In Video #4 we’re sewing the swimsuit together and getting ready to add all the elastics. I share a bunch of sewing tips. Excuse my dry humor, it feels weird talking to yourself out loud. I actually started narrating myself putting on my own makeup the other day, and I didn’t have anyone around me and didn’t have a camera aimed at me. Signs you’re getting too used to narrating videos. lol

Video #4- How to sew the swimsuit together

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Or heck, just follow the channel it if you want to hear my relaxing voice, I’m cool with that.

Happy Sewing, my loves!

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