Maldives Swimsuit Sew-along: Part 1

Hey my lovelies! I got back from a hike and the videos were finally processed for YouTube. Yay! Note to self, give way more time for the uploads.

Go watch videos 1 and 2 for our Maldives Swimsuit sew-along.

We’re learning how to assemble pdf patterns (and I share all my tips) in video 1.

Part 1- Assembling PDF Patterns

And in video 2 we’re covering all the supplies we need to make this project (with all my tips to make it easier for you).

Part 2- Supplies Needed for a Swimsuit

We’re following up these videos with more videos on how to sew the swimsuit, an easier way to sew elastic, and all the ways to finish this swimsuit.

You can use these tips for sewing the Mykonos Tankinis too!

Also, welcome to my brand-new YouTube Channel! It’ll go along with Golden Rippy and we’ll cover all kinds of tutorials and projects on there. I’ll make a fun welcome video and post it after our sew along. Go follow it!

Happy sewing!

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