Little blog baby

Running a blog is sort of like having a baby.

You have such high hopes for it. You make a wishlist of all the things you think you need for it. You plan as carefully as you can. You take lots of pictures. You make lots of lists. And just when you think you’re all ready and finished…

…everything that can go wrong, will go wrong.


It’s one of those days.

I had a nice breakfast, I managed to sit down and take a real lunch. I even had a relaxing bath today! And then after trying to complete my work tasks for the day, I just wanted to bang my head on the desk.

All the pretty pictures I took for tutorials are on my camera…and I have no idea where it is. My camera must be boycotting me since that last recipe I photographed. Maybe the world isn’t ready for my meatloaf just yet. I get the message.

I was trying to make a few side buttons that will link to free tutorials, recipes, etc…but Illustrator isn’t loading and my wallet ran away. I was trying to sign up for the 30 day trial of picmonkey when I realized my wallet is in the room with a sleeping baby. And if you have ever seen that scene from Indiana Jones with the golden idol, that would be me trying to quietly sneak my wallet out of the room…but heaven forbid I wake the baby, because she would wake up the other two napping kids and that would be an avalanche.

So instead of accomplishing all the things I wanted to do for blog maintenance, I’m checking off the boring things from my other to-do list.

Called my OB and found out what medicines I can take for my seasonal allergies…she told me Benadryl and Sudafed. Maybe now I’ll stop snoring at night and won’t have to sleep sitting up. Lol, fun stuff right there. Ahh the many joys of pregnancy. Yeah, no one tells you that you’ll snore like a buzz saw, drool up your pillow, and have puffy red eyes in the morning. Why isn’t that in the congratulation packets? 😉

I also read my son’s scout book. You know all those awesome scouts with like 50 badges? Yeah, no one tells you this (you have to read the book), but it’s because their parents made them do the activities in the book with them. So now that I know that… my son is going to get all those awesome badges. Holy dang, there are SOOO many little things to do. I’m amazed how small that book is… it could easily be bigger. But no worries, I didn’t have any sisters so I hung out with my brother’s scout troop. I know how to tie all those fancy sailor knots, do the firemen carry, make a fire without any matches, etc. I’m pretty much an honorary scout. So this will be fun. I already found a few things we can sign off before his next pack meeting.

BAM 508 words so far. Lol…sorry, I really wanted to prove I could write over 500 words without even blinking. Check that off my list. 😉

Anyways, my point in totally rambling on is that you don’t need all those fancy things for your little blog baby. You don’t need all the bells and whistles. The fancy new stroller or in my case, blog buttons. You just need time to sit down with it and tell it a story, any story. Use your imagination. Get your listeners involved. Draw them in with an anecdote. Make them giggle. Tell the truth. That’s the best thing you can do. Just be your honest self.

Admit it. You learned something new, either about me or about blogging. And you didn’t even realize it.

Well I hope you all have an awesome week! I promise to sneak into my room later today and find that camera. I have a fun new series of posts for your BUMP & BABY. You’re not going to want to miss it. It also works for friends that need baby shower gift ideas, or grandmas that want a few DIYs to spoil their grandkids with. Tons of ideas that I think you’ll enjoy.

Let me know if there are any projects you want me to include in the upcoming series. I would be happy to draw instructions and write up little tutorials. Just drop a comment below!

Happy Tuesday!


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