Kid’s clothes week

This week is “kid’s clothes week” in the sewing blogosphere. The challenge is to work on kids sewing projects for at least an hour every day. Not wanting to feel left out, I decided to accept the challenge, but cater it to my unique set of skills.

On Monday, I started and finished a brain waves beanie. It was gloriously fun to crochet. It turned out the perfect size and not a single hitch while making it. I wanted to get a head start on my Christmas projects….this is a gift for someone special.


Tuesday I made a man-bat costume for my hooligan. He won’t let me add any more details to it because he runs around in it. So I guess it’s finished. I sewed pintucks on the wings, added a tie in the front, and it has sleeves for him to slip his arms in. He didn’t want to be that caped crusader…that would be too easy, we already have capes and the mask…no, he wanted to be a vampire “man-bat”. So as the cool mom I am, I tried to honor his request. He loves it! (He wouldn’t wait to put a black shirt on).


Wednesday I almost had a coronary trying to make my other hooligan’s costume. He wanted a “werewolf, but less were and more wolf”. We debated for a week over the details. He wanted bloody scary, but I tried to tone it down so the littles wouldn’t have nightmares. I made his brother’s costume first so he would get excited by what I can make, and hopefully trust me to get his right. It worked! While he was in class, I made and finished hand sewing his costume. Thank you Martha Stewart for finding the right combination of “scary” and classy. He loves it! He even finished his homework early so he could wear it to school this week. It’s “rain-proof” like he wanted, since I had to hand sew everything. Stupid fabric glue hates me, and refused to work on anything…what a waste of $6. All the guys in my house approved, and I think were a little jealous. Mission accomplished! Scary enough for him, but I won’t have nightmares if I walk by it at night. Yay!!!


I made a few extra mods to it… the nose snarls are hand sewn, instead of glued. The ears are 2 backs sewn together for each and stuffed with the pipe cleaner, instead of the pattern suggestion. And I added felt chest fur to hide the logo.


Today I finished the fox hat for my silly man-bat. It’s supposed to be a Christmas present, but we’ll see how cold it gets before that. I tried it on him before I added the ears or eyes, and it was a little big, but he has so much fluffy hair I think it’s perfect. The pattern was fun to follow, and easy to remember after a few rounds. I wanted to try it on him, but he fell asleep on the scenic afternoon drive…with his halloween fangs still in. Silly.


I’m toying with the idea of making missy a costume too. She already has a SuperGirl costume, complete with pink zip-up boots. Hmmm…we’ll see how I’m feeling though. Pregnancy is still kicking my butt.

So what are you making this week? I think any one can try this kid’s challenge…make something for your inner kid. I know I want some pink bunny slippers. 😉


brainwaves beanie by playin’ hooky
Vanna’s choice yarn: brick red, gray, white… purchased at Michaels

man-bat costume by me, self drafted
Black felt and white mask…purchased at Walmart

big bad wolf costume by Martha Stewart
Old Navy brown hoodie…purchased at ThredUp
Brown, white, black, yellow and pink Eco-Fi felt…purchased at Walmart

crochet sly fox hat by good knits
Vanna’s choice yarn: brick red, gray, white… purchased at Michaels

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