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affiliate program for sewists

Do you like earning money for sharing your creations? Hi my lovelies, we’ve updated Golden Rippy’s Affiliate Program. We had one in the past, and some of our affiliates were pretty successful. We’ve updated it to track your sales longer (30 days), and give you a bigger commission (15%). Amazon only pays out about 4-6% for their affiliates, boo.

Our most successful affiliates sew up our patterns and share them on their social pages and to the facebook groups they are in. (You can’t post affiliate links in the Golden Rippy sewing group, though).

Include your affiliate link to your posts and even on the little buttons on your site, and any sale made within 30 days of them clinking on your link means a commission for you!

Woot woot!

earn money for sewing

What do I get when I join the affiliate program?

When you join the affiliate program, you are given a special link that is coded to track your traffic. So anytime someone clicks on that link, our site knows you sent them to us.

You also get updated banner buttons and logos that you can use with your link. (We just made new ones for you!)

Who can be an affiliate?


Seriously, as long as you’re sharing your links, you can be an affiliate. Don’t do anything illegal with our site or links. But you don’t have to be a fancy big ol‘ website to be in our affiliate program.

sewing pattern affiliate program

What do I need to join?

We need your name, Paypal email address, and a username. We would love to see your website (if you have one), or let us know your social profiles instead.

It’s free to join our affiliate program!

What do I get commissions on?

Right now, you get commissions on all the patterns and books in the shop. Our courses are on a different platform. If you want to be an affiliate for Creative Bootcamp, that’s a different affiliate program.

What are you waiting for? If you love our patterns, this is a great way to add to your fabric fund. 😉

Join our affiliate program today!

affiliate program for sewists

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