Jamberry Love

***Disclaimer- I was in no way compensated for my review of Jamberry nail wraps. I was just given a sample of them and provide my honest opinion of them here. Psst…they freakin rock***

Now, I’ve tried nail wraps in the past. And what I hated about them was that as soon as I opened the package they would harden up. I had to use them immediately or it was game over. And it’s really lame when your kids get a hold of the box before you. Or worse…try to apply nail polish by themselves. Yeah, trust me when I say nothing will get that stain out. Nothing. Not baking soda, acetone, dish soap, baby oil, scrubbing, soaking, more nail polish, etc…just trust me. That stuff will not come out.

That’s why I love jamberry! They don’t harden in the package or out of the package. You need heat to set the bond, that’s it. No goopy mess or wet nails. And it’s no more heat than what you would feel while blow drying your hair. In fact, you can use a blow dryer to set them. And you can get more than one mani out of a half sheet…you can get a pedi too. 🙂

Oh I’m in love.

When Tiffany sent me a sample to try, I thought “sure, why not”. And stuck it on my pinkies, then I painted my other nails. I didn’t think it would last that long. And I wasn’t going to avoid my normal activities to help it last longer. No, I put it through the ringer.
By the second day my nail polish had chipped, by the fifth day my nail polish looked like I had eaten it and used a sanding belt on it, but my Jamberry was still strong and pretty.
So, I repainted my other nails and kept going.
Finally, 11 days with my Jamberry and I was ready for new nail polish. I would have kept going with it, because the longer I had it on the more I grew to love it. But I soaked that Jamberry in acetone and took it off. It didn’t leave a line of demarcation like my nail polish did.

This time, I put Jamberry on all of my fingernails.
Gorgeous. Just gorgeous.

I didn’t have to wait for it to dry or worry about smudging. I could go to sleep and not worry about pillow lines showing up on my fresh manicure. Yes, pillow lines. Anyone who has ever gone to bed with less than set nails knows exactly what I’m talking about.

I can’t tell you how thrilled I am about all of this!

I was cooking all week, with hands in the oven (too much heat can supposedly break the bond). Tons of hot baths and scrubbing the dishes…hot water flying everywhere. Washing and drying clothes. Sewing. Drawing. I did a lot of gardening and really dug into the soil.

Like I said, I really put my nails through the ringer this week. And my Jamberry nails stood up to the test!

They never chipped, smeared, moved, or peeled off.

Dang. Where were these when I was growing up???

To say “I love them” is an understatement. These things are fabulous. I felt so pretty with my nails all done. And that’s saying something. Poor sleep deprived mom with a little baby and trying to keep up with her other kids. I felt pretty, dangit. Thank you Jamberry for making me feel pretty.

And they are so low maintenance too! Stick them on, and enjoy perfect nails for 2 weeks. Yeah, I can do that.

I was scared to put them on the first time. I was convinced I would Frankenstein them up. But it was a lot easier than I thought. And fast! Which was nice, because we went on a bike ride as soon as I finished.

This is how much you get on a half sheet. I just held them over my nails and picked which size fit best.

This is how much I had left over after I gave myself a mani. Easily enough to still do toes and have accent nails for a while. Ahhh!!!
I’m sharing the love and hosting a Jamberry party! You can check it out with this link and join the party on facebook. 🙂

Tiffany is so much fun! She was my bestie in elementary school before I moved away. Now we’re both grown up with families of our own, and she’s an independent Jamberry consultant. Btw, her little ones are so adorable. Way to go Tiff!

Oh, and I know I get the occasional male reader on this…shh, I won’t tell. Hah. These Jamberry nail wraps make great gifts for the ladies. We love girly things that remind us how pretty we are. Seriously. Pick a floral or polka dot one, you can’t go wrong with those. 😉 You’re welcome.

Thanks again Tiff and good luck with your business! 🙂

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