How to Sew an Envelope Pillow- Free Pattern
sewing fabric
  • pillow form
  • coordinating thread
  • Instructions:

    First step in learning how to sew an envelope pillow, you must determine the size of your pillow form, or desired pillow.  For example, the pillow I’m making has a 14″ x 14″ finished size. Which means the pillow form I bought was 14″ x 14″.

    For the front piece, we’re going to add 1″ to both measurements (to account for the 1/2″ seam allowance. So my front piece is going to be 15″ x 15″. 

    For the back two pieces, we’re going to cut the length in half, and add 3″ to 5″. I choose 5″ because I like a deeper envelope, and it gives me more wiggle room to make the overlap seams. Keep the width the same as your front piece. So my back pieces will each be 15″ wide by 12″ tall.

    pieces to cut

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