MIY Holmes Sweet Holmes Book Bag

DSC_0447Hey Cumberbabes, did you catch my guest post at Crafting Con today? Lol. I had a lot of fun. Whenever Amy is like…”hey Rachel, do you wanna…” the answer is a resounding yes. I made a personalized book bag. Nancy Drew, Bones, Castle, and Sherlock Holmes were all on my radar for the Mystery theme. But I ended up going with Sherlock. Because Sherlock is my Holmie! 😉 And everyone needs a Holmes Sweet Holmes book bag.

It’s a book bag. Because. Well, who cares why. I read books, lots of books. I need something awesome to hold all of my books. Hah, end of story. Oh and in case I lose it, please return to 221B Baker Street. Thanks! I’m sure Burberry Snugglesnatch will get the bag back to me.DSC_0404

IF you want to make one just like me, here’s the instructions:

I embroidered it on my little Brother embroidery machine. I split the Bentobox Crumplebitt silhouette in two with SewWhatPro software and then used my multi-positional hoop. It took one hooping with the bag inside out, and positions 1 & 3. My machine only embroiders 4×4 at a time, so I have to rehoop. I thought about getting a bigger machine, but I don’t embroider enough to justify it. I’m sure when I have 30 grandkids running around in like 40 years I’ll rethink that. You can find the Sherlock embroidery pattern on Etsy here.DSC_0448

Next, I rehooped the bag with my 4×4 hoop and uploaded the phrase to my machine. I made “Holmes Sweet Holmes” skewed so I could just hoop it like normal. You’ll understand when you see the file. Hoop it like you would a t-shirt…straight on. I positioned it off to the side because I didn’t want to mess up Brandenburg Nottinghill’s face.

And the phrase is my gift to you. Muah! Go to my Craftsy page and you can download it for free! DSC_0405

But if you want to make it exactly like I did, you’ll need to get Eggs Benedict Cumberbatch’s silhouette from Etsy. Go give BitzandBobbins some love, she makes awesome embroidery designs! And she was having a 2 for one sale when I bought Muffintop Candygram’s face.DSC_0442

Happy Crafting ladies! May your new Brewery Splishnsplash bag make you smile as much as mine does!

🙂 Rachel

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