Happy Spring Sale

Hey guys and gals, the next post WAS going to be trends for 2020, but forget that. We’re all hunkering down. Our schools were canceled for 3 weeks, so you know what I stocked up on…. printer paper. Because #allthesewingpatterns. And I love my kids, but wow. We’re going to be printing all kinds of worksheets for them to go keep busy. I have a tiny mob of little people that look like me and have the same sass, say prayers.

If you’ve been a follower for a while, hugs and virtual kisses to you, since apparently we’re social distancing.

Hah, I’m an introvert, so this feels like a vacation to me. Minus, the fact my kids are home ALL. THE. TIME. But, seriously, I’m getting all kinds of work done. No joke. So, I’m kinda loving it.

Also, I got noise-canceling headphones for Christmas and right now they are paying for themselves. 😉

So here’s a tiny update, since it’s been a few months since we chatted.

First off, I love all of you that responded to my last email and told me your struggles. I’m thinking of ways to help, including posts and courses for you. Thank you. I do respond to emails… when my tiny minions are distracted by Frozen 2 for the eleven billionth time.

I was thinking, what could I do for my followers? Considering this super strange time we are living in.

We’re having a 50% off sale, starting now!

Go snatch all the patterns, books, and digital cut files you want.

Use Code Spring50 to shop the sale.

Go have fun. Go wild. Post pics of your projects and tag us on your socials.

Last month I graduated with a degree in Business Management, woot woot. So I am BACK on all the socials. I can’t wait to see all your pretty creations! That also means I’m back into patternmaking. For reals. I’m done with school. So, back to work. 🙂

Let me know what you want patterns for and I’ll start cranking them out.

A final note, you’ll be okay

I know we’re being bombarded on all sides with way too much information about what’s going on. And I want you to know, it’s okay to take a step back and take a breath. Do what you gotta do to relax. I’ll tell you some tips that I’ve taken to destress now that I have EVERYONE in my home all the time, while still working.

Every night, I unplug. No computer, no social media. I watch a movie, get myself a snack, and knit some socks. Oh my gosh, my stress levels have plummeted since taking knitting back up. Seriously. It’s better than running.

Every Sunday, I take the day off of work. No responding to emails, nothing. I just ignore that inbox until Monday. And 100%, that has helped reduce overall stress.

And during the day, I’ve been muting certain threads. Honestly, there’s only so much you can take.

I’ve checked up on my elderly neighbors and gave them post-its with our cell phone numbers so they don’t need to drive all over town to find milk, eggs and bread. I offered to buy them things from the store so they don’t have to go. They can call if they need anything.

I’ve kept track of my friends that I know might need help and I’m willing to help out any way I can.

Guys, I understand this is a crazy time.

But if I can just add my two cents. Do your grocery shopping for two weeks. Don’t buy 6 months worth of food and stuff you don’t need. Utilities are still on, so you don’t need to hoard water. I haven’t bought one case of it because I know others need it more than me. We’ve had water barrels our whole marriage.

I grew up with food storage, and even when we were dirt poor and living off just food storage, I can honestly say that a little goes a long way. There are others that might need it more than you.

For example, I bought the big case of trash bags, since we’re a big family and will go through it normally. I left the more affordable options in case others need it more and don’t have a savings.

Get what you NEED, but leave some for others.

Also, I haven’t bought one can of soup. I know others need it, so I didn’t even add it to my cart. I make soup from scratch (years of having to live off food storage teaches you how to cook, real quick). I can make bread from scratch, and other stuff. So I only buy the stuff I need. I can dust off my food storage and tap into it if I need. I leave the other pre-made stuff for people that haven’t been cooking for a long time.

We didn’t buy canned fruits or veggies either, we left those for people that need it.

Guys, this doesn’t have to be the panic that the media is playing it out to be.

Trust me.

Remember back when H1N1 was a thing. That lasted about 1.5 years and we stopped hearing about it. It’s the same thing with this. Except, now we’re just overreacting to it way more than needed. And none of the food ran out, none of the toilet paper. Everyone else was pretty healthy.

My hubby is a health care worker. He’s probably going to be on call for all this. Guys, this has the same stats as the other kinds of flu viruses, it’s holding the same.

I know it seems scary. But it doesn’t need to paralyze you in fear.

I’m sending you virtual hugs to say, it’s going to be okay. Get some food for you and your family, but get what you need. Get some things to have fun and keep your sanity. I bought a few new knitting needles, because my sanity is important.

If you make it out of your bunker, craft supplies are on clearance… just saying.

I bought a few project kits for my kids that were SUPER CHEAP, since no one is shopping. We’re doing one new project every few days.

A lot of people are feeling this. My girl friends are sharing the same feelings as me. Our husbands or our own jobs have been canceled and some have been made remote too. We are all feeling you.

Reach out to someone that might need help.

Be part of the solution.

You got this, my lovelies. No worries.

XOXO, Rachel

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