Free Perks for Followers

390914_2952757015275_514017304_nAll of my followers get perks! That’s right, I take care of my own. 😉

If you haven’t signed up yet, be sure to sign up and confirm you’re one of the awesome few. And then, bam! You get a free perk right away. I love perks. Who doesn’t?

I made it real easy…just put in your credit card info and social security card number…no I’m kidding. Haha, I know that’s a horrible joke. But seriously, all you need is an email address. And trust me, that’s all I want from you.


I’m super excited, because now I can send you fun little emails and more perks! Aren’t you excited? Of course you are!!

And don’t forget to share pictures of your projects on our facebook page. I would love to see all of your creations from the pattern!

Happy crafting!

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