FREE Fashion Illustration mini course

Hope you’re having an awesome day! I just wanted to let you know about the FREE fashion illustration course that I designed for you.

When I was first interested in sewing and design, I couldn’t find any free resources to help me get started. I spent more money than I wish to admit on croquis and trying to figure out the design learning curve on my own. I’ve boiled down the basics of illustration to get you started without becoming overwhelmed in the process. I also share photos of my sketches so you can see the steps for yourself. I hope this saves you money and helps you in your designs and collections!


So what exactly will you learn in the Fashion Croquis class?

You’ll learn the 7 steps for strong designs and a cohesive collection. We’ll go into each step, and you can follow along with the photos I took while making my own sketches. This is really helpful if you’re a visual learner like me. You’ll also learn what a fashion croquis is (pronounced “crow-key”)  and how you’ll use those to draw your designs quickly, even if you’re not good at drawing. Your sketches aren’t graded, so don’t worry about that.

Not everyone is a born illustrator, but my free croquis and mini course will help you bridge the gap and start designing today!

(No credit card needed, it’s totally free!)

The Fashion Croquis course will help you:

  • Discover the steps to making a fashion illustration
  • Get access to fashion croquis that you can use in ALL of your designs
  • Learn what a croquis is and how to use one
  • Start illustrating your designs
  • Stop feeling so confused and lost when it comes to illustrating fashion
  • Start making designs you can use in fashion collections and your portfolio.

Learn how gravity affects the drape of fabric and your fashion figure. I’ll show you an example with my own sketch. 

I’ll teach you how to sketch your fashion drawing with the included croquis and how to trace them the easy way.

You’ll learn how to color your illustrations and clean up your drawings.

Just click on any of these images and you can go check out the class for yourself!

Be sure to post your sketches when you’re done on Instagram or Twitter, we would LOVE to see what you come up with! 

If you have any friends interested in Fashion Design or designing their own wardrobe, be sure to pass this class on to them as well.

I’m working on more classes for you to help you on your journey, email me if you have any struggles that I can help you with. 

If you need help learning how to curate your own wardrobe, you can read parts 1 & 2  about making a capsule wardrobe.

You’ll be able to free up your time spent hunting for clothes, and trying to match items. If you missed Part 1 you can find it here. Go read the perks in case you need extra convincing. Since I’ve switched to a capsule wardrobe for me and the kids, I spend less time hunting down clothes that coordinate.









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