Fashion Design Bootcamp Course!

Join us for the Fashion Design Bootcamp Course! Ready to learn Fashion Design and how to get the ideas out of your head and make them come to life?

Other fashion designers have learned how to get inspired, generate original ideas, develop a signature fashion figure, and convey a mood with their designs in this fun, online course. Still wondering if Fashion Design Bootcamp is maybe a good fit for you?

  • Already have a knowledge of patternmaking, but have no idea what it takes to be a designer?
  • Do you feel stagnant as a designer and need help finding inspiration?
  • Or perhaps you just want to learn how to get your ideas on paper so someone else can sew your designs for you.
  • Or do you have ideas in your head that you want to see come to life?
  • Ready to start designing your dream wardrobe?

This boot camp is perfect for you!

Rachel will walk you through the skills you need to succeed as a fashion designer, as you enter the world of apparel design. You’ll get well-kept secret resources and invaluable handouts to help kick-start your designs! In addition, this Bootcamp will demystify the apparel design process. You’ll learn the skills it takes to become a strong Fashion Designer and how to stay inspired when you become one. As a result, you’ll feel more confident in your designs and skills.

Don’t worry if you’re not an artist, there are tricks you can use to make your designs shine! fashion design illustration bootcamp

You’ll learn:

  • The Fashion Design process
  • How to Find Inspiration and Think Outside the Box
  • Tools You Need to Stay Organized
  • How to Develop Your Own Signature Fashion Croquis Template
  • How to Start Designing
  • Learn Basic Construction Terms

& much more!

The Fashion Design Bootcamp is perfect for any aspiring designer.

Rachel condenses 2 years worth of college courses into her self-paced workshop. So, if you don’t have time to go back to college but want to learn the skills of a successful designer, then this class is for you. And if you went to college and already learned how to draft, this class will help you. Find new ways to be inspired and become a stronger artist. Your only limit is your imagination. Take the plunge and invest in yourself! You’ll be happy you did!

***Added bonus- Learn how to make a professional Portfolio of your designs! Every designer needs a portfolio when applying to Fashion Design Universities and for job interviews!***

**This course will NOT teach you how to draft patterns. A previous knowledge of patternmaking is helpful.**

fashion design bootcamp desktop

Well, other than all the hours of course videos, lectures, free printables and templates, you get a spiffy workbook to use while you follow along with the course sections.

Most noteworthy, did you know that the actual act of writing brings the information to the forefront of your brain and helps you focus and pay attention? You’ll have an easier time remembering everything you learn if you follow along in your workbook. How cool is that?

Here is a little preview of the workbook (not all pages are shown)…

fashion bootcamp course workbook

Here is the good part…the workbook is just one of the resources in Fashion Design Bootcamp.

I’m going to show you exactly how I use these and give you the same templates I use to make sure my quality of work is consistent and impeccable.

  • My personal list of fabric stores that I shop at, design with, sew and wear. (No more guessing if a fabric store is good, just use my favs).
  • My entire library of croquis, fashion figures andmoodboard templates. Forget trial and error. Use these vetted and proven templates to save months of time and shortcut your growth.
  • Copy and paste the exact templates I use to design and use in my workflows and portfolio. (You could figure it out yourself or just copy mine).
  • A printable workbook filled with checklists, worksheets and tips to help you remember and apply what you learn.

I wish I had this when I started out, but it simply didn’t exist. As a result, that’s why I created  the Hive and this course.

Fashion Design Bootcamp opens Spring 2018!

Check your email for official enrollment dates. Currently, the bootcamp is being dripped out to early birds until the full course unlocks.

What You’ll Learn:

The course is 10 modules. The first 4 teach the skills involved with the fashion design process, and how to get inspired and stay organized. The next 2 teach how to illustrate your designs and tips on how to sew them. The last 4 teach you all about patterns, combining your skills and making your first design and portfolios.

When I teach you how to illustrate and design, you will be able to watch me over my workspace. Other sections will be voiceover slides so that I can teach you all my tips. Don’t worry, I don’t cram all the info on slides. You will have a workbook to follow along with and fill out.

You can find all of the modules listed on the course page. As well as all the lessons in each module.

Hi, I’m Rachel! Your course instructor.rachel pic

I’ve seen my designs walk down runways, been featured in magazines, newspapers and grown a fanbase worldwide. I have a degree in Fashion Design and Production, and a background in Business Management. I’m also a bestselling author. I want to help aspiring and self-taught designers learn the skills they need to stand out from the crowd. I LOVE helping people. Let me help you learn and grow your skills. Consequently, if you’re even more curious about me and my qualifications as your instructor, check me out here.

Have questions about the course?

Check out the FAQs page for any more questions you may have. In conclusion, if you still need some answers feel free to shoot me off an email.

I want you to be happy in this course, let’s make it a good fit for you.

I’m excited to help you get started on this journey. I can’t wait to see you in Fashion Design Bootcamp!

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