Fashion Design Bootcamp Course Giveaway

Thanks to everyone that enrolled in our Fashion Illustration course while it was free. I loved reading your emails and comments on YouTube, those made my day. 🙂 We were able to give away over $5000 worth of courses to help support you during this Covid-19 pandemic. And honestly, just knowing that we were able to give you a little break and bring some joy into your day totally made us smile.

We have been busy behind the scenes, and I’ve received some emails from followers asking what we’re up to, so I thought I would give you all a little update on what we’ve been up to. And I use the word “we” loosely, haha, this is a one woman show right now. But it sounds less pretentious when I say we instead of me all the time. Hahaha.

Golden Rippy started in 2014 as an online business. It’s continued as an online business so far. We’re remote and location independent. I can run this business from anywhere, and quite frankly, I have. Just ask my family.

New Learning Portal is Coming

While it may seem all quiet on the western front, we’ve been busy behind the scenes. I’ve been coding new learning portals for the course experience. That will roll out this summer. We’re going to try a seamless transfer of existing students to the new portal, so we’re not rushing it out.

It’ll be a prettier interface, easier processing and better ways to keep track of all your courses. So far, it’s been a fun experience for us to test the new portal.

Fashion Design Incubator

We’re launching another round of Fashion Design Incubator, which will include a patternmaking module. If you want to grow your patternmaking and designer skills, join the waitlist.

Enrollment for this will be limited, based on the 1-on-1 nature and we’ll release the applications to the waitlist first.

Our YouTube Channel

We’ve added videos to our YouTube channel. I quickly realized it’s a little harder to put out videos with my kids chasing each other in the background. So this will be a little more planned out. I have a surprise for you though. Make sure you’re following along!

Also, giant thanks to you. You all made my dream come true. I got to customize the url for my YouTube channel. Crossed that off my bucket list! 🙂

More patterns?

Yes. And yes. New patterns are coming. I’m designing them on my iPad, which is letting me be a little more free to draft wherever and whenever I want. I’m not tied down to my computer as much. They said it can replace your computer, hah, so far it’s not able to do everything I can on my regular computer. It’s getting pretty close though. I still have to do the final edits and draft the pdf on the computer. But we’re getting there!

I know, I make you wait for them. But I have new 4 bundles already sketched up that I know you’ll love. Also, I graduated this semester and have no more college courses to focus on. Yay! So all my focus is on the business.

And last, but not least….

Fashion Design Bootcamp Course Giveaway!

I was so impressed with all of that enrolled in the fashion illustration course (and your sweet thank you emails were fun to receive) that I’m giving away ONE enrollment to Fashion Design Bootcamp, for free ($597 value)!

Go enter the giveaway!

You get more entries for every time you share the giveaway too. So, that’s pretty cool. I’ll announce the winner next week.

Stay safe and sane, my lovelies.

XOXO, Rachel

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