Easy DIY Halloween Treat Bags

I love Halloween! It gets a little crazy around my house. My kids beg for like 3 costume change each. I really want to convince everyone to have a group theme, but we’ll see if that works. It’s probably going to be Star Wars though, if they get their way. It’s like Star Wars day every day around here. Lol. But we’re also thinking about all the little parties we’re going to, so they need their costumes soon. Mommy to the rescue!

Here’s a quick, easy little project that you can whip up and feel like Martha Stewart between your costume sewing breaks.

We’re making little Halloween treat bags!DSC_0269s

You’ll need:

  • 1/2 yard burlap
  • dark brown fabric paint
  • paint brush
  • ribbon (black or orange)
  • and treats! Oh, and your sewing machine of course.

First, cut your burlap to 5″ x 12″ pieces.DSC_0255

Now you get to paint it! DSC_0259Brush fabric paint onto your stamps or use the hole in a tag as a little round stencil. Repaint your stamp as you stamp your burlap.    DSC_0260DSC_0268

Wait until it’s nice and dry before setting it with an iron.DSC_0262Once, it’s set you can fold the bag in half (right sidesfacing), and sew the sides with a 1/2″ seam allowance. DSC_0263 

Cut the notches off the bottom corners before turning inside out.DSC_0264 

Aww, a little bag.DSC_0266

Now fill it with little treats and tie the top with 11″ of ribbon. Cut the ribbon ends at a slant to prevent fraying. 

Admire your little bag. Now eat all of the extra candy and hide the evidence! And don’t forget to give your little treat bag to someone awesome…like a friend, co-worker, or maybe that nice teacher that puts up with your children. I know I have a lot more to make then! 😉DSC_0271s

Have a happy October and be safe this Halloween! 

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